There is a misconception that a buzz cut fade is too plain and boring. If you share the same opinion, then you have come to the right place, as we are here to prove it wrong. A buzz haircut with a fade can be performed in a myriad of different ways, from a moderate buzz haircut with taper fade to an edgy short buzz haircut fade. To help you find the perfect short haircut for men we have put together the best ideas in the following guide. So, now you can only pick out the one that resonates with you most.


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    Low Fade Buzz Cut

    Since a buzz fade haircut is already quite short and edgy, you may want to opt for a quite moderate version of the fade. A low buzz haircut fade removes a lot of hair from the sides as it starts pretty low, as the name suggests. Also, a low fade buzz haircut fades into the skin near the hairline, so it looks darker and thicker.

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    Taper Fade Buzz Cut

    A buzz haircut taper fade is also quite subtle, as it takes the hair from longer near the top to shorter toward the hairline, where it blends into the skin. As such, this haircut can be a great choice for a pretty formal environment, as it creates a neat and clean silhouette without overdoing it.

    Military Buzz Cut Fade

    The military haircut style is highly requested these days so no wonder that buzz fade haircuts are so popular. With a buzz haircuts fade men accentuate their masculinity and vigor. It allows them to show off their facial features and make them even more chiseled. In addition, a buzz fade cut is low maintenance and zero styling.

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    Mid Fade Buzz Cut

    A buzz cut mid fade is the golden mean between a buzz haircut with low fade and high fade. It is still quite impactful, yet not over the top, so you may wear it both to work and to the beach. Yet again, almost no maintenance is needed. Just do not forget to visit your barber for upkeep.

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    Skin Fade Buzz Cut

    Guys who like to stand out in the crowd will definitely appreciate skin or bald fade buzz cut. As it reveals quite a lot of your skin on the head, it creates a high contrast and bold look. Plus, it brings the hair on top to center stage without much effort.


    High Fade Buzz Cut

    As a rule of thumb, the higher the fade haircut starts, the more impact it makes. As such, if you want to get an ultimately impactful look, consider a high skin fade buzz haircut. While it does require regular barbershop appointments, you can rest assured that it is totally worth your effort.

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    Drop Fade Buzz Cut

    A buzz cut with fade comes in numerous variations, so if you are worried that your haircut is going to look like it is copy pasted, don’t be. Thanks to a wide variety of options, you are guaranteed to end up with a unique hair look. For instance, you can draw inspiration from this buzz haircut drop fade.

    Burst Fade Buzz Cut

    You will not confuse a buzz cut burst fade with any other, as it creates a very distinct pattern on the side. The final result turns out very clean and balanced. So, if you prefer a business casual style, this is your best way to go. Since the top is so short, you can save a lot of time maintaining a buzz haircut with burst fade.


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    Low Taper Fade Buzz Haircut

    A buzz cut low taper fade must incorporate the most hair out of all fade buzz haircuts. So, if you are not a fan of overly short hair, then this is your sure bet. That is why a buzz cut low fade is a popular option for work where dress code rules are pretty strict.

    Fade Buzz Cut With Beard

    Since it is so short and neat, it is always a good idea to complement a fade buzz haircut with beard. You may not worry that it will make your appearance look scruffy or unkempt even if you opt for a full natural beard. Yet, the most popular facial hair style to accompany the buzzcut fade is a well groomed short to mid length beard.

    Asian Buzz Cut with Fade

    While a fade buzz haircut Asian style is not that common, it still has its fans. The thing is Asian men usually prefer a bit longer haircuts. Yet, this is only because they do not know all of the benefits they get with a fade buzz haircut. But once they try it on, they will not be able to settle for anything less.

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    Blonde Buzz Cut with Fade

    To make a men’s fade buzz haircut even more striking, you can dye your hair blonde. In this way, the haircut is more pronounced so you will not need to worry about extra enhancements. The only thing is that if you naturally have dark hair, you will need to bleach it beforehand.

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    Mid Taper Fade Buzz Cut

    Need a haircut that you would be able to knock on any door with? A mid taper fade buzz haircut is exactly what you are looking for. It is quite low key and reserved, yet it still has a stylish twist. So, in addition to looking and feeling your best, you will not have to get up earlier in the morning to deal with your hair.

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    Buzz Haircut With Design

    Even though a mens buzz haircut fade is so short, it still allows for hair designs. As such, if you want to express your individuality, you can do it by shaving off a unique pattern on the top of your head. From simple light bolts to more intricate designs, there are numerous options to go for. The only downside to it is that you will need to update it pretty often, especially if your hair grows fast.

    With a buzz cut fade, you can easily upgrade any short haircut for men. While offering plenty of advantages, it does not require almost anything in return. And as our guide proves, the number of options available guarantees that you will find a style to your liking.


    FAQs: Buzz Cut Fade

    What is a buzz cut fade for men?

    A buzz cut fade is a stylish and contemporary men’s haircut that combines the classic buzz cut with a fade technique. The hair is cut extremely short using clippers, and the fade is achieved by gradually tapering the length from the sides and back towards the top.

    How does a buzz cut fade differ from a regular buzz cut?

    While a regular buzz cut maintains a uniform length all over the head, a buzz cut fade features a gradual transition from shorter sides to a slightly longer top. This adds dimension and visual interest to the haircut.

    What are the different fade options for a buzz cut fade?

    There are several fade options for a buzz cut fade, including high fade (starts higher up the sides), mid fade (starts midway up), and low fade (starts lower down). The choice depends on personal preference and face shape.


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