Although an eBoy haircut is not a brand new hair look, this fact does not make it any less popular. This stylish way to wear your fringe bangs pushed to the sides has a multitude of variations. No wonder that you can pull it off regardless of your hair type or length. For the main gist of the style and the most popular ways of sporting it, head over to the informative guide we prepared for you.



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    What Is Eboy Haircut?

    To channel an eBoy meaning of their staple haircut is what should be discussed first. So, according to the general eBoy definition, this is a type of men’s hairstyles that features long strands of hair on the top of the head defined with a middle part and fashioned so that they resemble curtains.

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    How To Wear Curtains Today

    The classic eBoy 90s haircut used to be sleek and straight. The center parting was strong and defined. Nowadays, you can sport it no matter your hair type. So, a modern eBoy hair style looks more textured, relaxed and incorporates an uneven, natural parting. By the way, in fact, this haircut resembles a classic bowl cut for a pot, only with a central parting.

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    What To Ask For

    The choice of a curtained hair style depends on your hair type. Those who have wavy or curly tresses should consider long curtain bangs, as they will not look like a thatch in that way. If your hair is straight, then it is better to go with a cheek-length haircut for a face-framing effect.

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    How To Style It

    Method 1: Using A Hair Gel.
    If you do not have much time for styling your curtain haircut, then a hair gel is your way to go. Scoop a small amount of a hair gel with your hand and apply it to your tresses styling them back. This will give a wet finish to your curtains haircut.
    Method 2: Using A Hair Mousse.
    This method works best for guys with curls. Use a dollop of a hair mousse on your locks while they are still damp and style them with a hair dryer for a bouncy effect for eBoy haircut.
    Method 3: Using A Round Brush.
    To pull off the 90s curled bang, you will need to employ a round brush and a hair dryer. Style the ends so that they flip outward for an iconic eBoy look.
    Method 4: Using A Hair Straightener.
    Another way to pull off this staple of grunge hairstyles is by employing a hair straightener. Yet, do not forget to protect your locks with a heat spray to avoid damage.
    Method 5: Using A Hair Pomade.
    Those who lean toward a messy and breezy eBoy style should definitely stock up on a hair pomade. Rub a blob of the product between your palms and apply to dry locks. Do not forget to scrunch them several times to highlight the texture.

    3 Tips For Maintain Eboy Haircut

    To make the most of their middle part haircut men should stick to the next tips:

    1. Complement The Eboy Haircut With An Undercut Or Fade.
      Although classic middle part haircuts imply getting the hair a single layer all over, there are plenty of modern ways to pull off the look, with an undercut middle part and Eboy haircut fade being the most popular.
    2. Feel Free To Style It Wet Or Dry.
      Normally, a curtain haircut is styled dry and free falling for a natural feel. However, you may want to give it a trendy wet finish by applying a generous amount of hair pomade or wax.
    3. Get Rid Of Split Ends
      Men’s middle part hairstyles only look cool when the hair is healthy and shiny. And this is impossible to achieve with brittle and split ends. So make sure to take care of your hair properly from both inside and outside to avoid this issue and if you happen to face it, book an appointment with your barber for a fresh trim.

    Tips For Maintain Eboy Haircut #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen


    Eboy Hairstyles

    Now that you know everything about this trendy middle parting haircut, it is time to get inspired by the most popular curtain bangs 2023.

    Timothée Chalamet Eboy Haircut

    Timothée Chalamet gives a curtains hair style a fresh twist. Not only does he embrace his natural hair texture but he also moves the middle parting to the side.

    Timothée Chalamet Eboy Haircut #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen


    Wavy Hair Middle Part

    As we mentioned earlier, middle part hairstyles work for any hair texture. With a middle part curly hair, as well as wavy, gains more definition and prominence.

    Wavy Hair Middle Part #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen


    Charles Melton Eboy Haircut

    Middle parted curly hair can also resonate with the eBoy fashion and Charles Melton successfully proves it. For an added emphasis, the actor defines his curls with hair gel.

    Charles Melton Eboy Haircut #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen


    Men’s Middle Part With Highlights

    To give extra emphasis to their middle part hairstyles men can paint highlight in the top and bottom strands. In this way, you will not only accentuate your hairstyle but also add movement and definition to it.

    Mens Middle Part With Highlights #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen

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    Middle Part Curls Eboy Haircut

    Hairstyles with the middle part know no limits when it comes to hair texture. Even if you have tight curls, you will still be able to get maximum benefits from the look.

    Middle Part Curls #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen


    Asian EBoy Haircut

    An Asian curtain is one of the most popular ways to nail an eBoy haircut. Thanks to a middle hair part men with Asian hair locks do not struggle to get an eye-catching and attractive look.

    Asian Middle Part #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen

    Slick Middle Part Haircut

    Not sure how to get Eboy hair so that it suits a formal ambiance? Slick your locks thoroughly using a hair product and divide them in the middle with a parting.

    Slick Middle Part Haircut #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen

    Brad Pitt Eboy Haircut

    While literally any hairstyle looks amazing on this Hollywood dream guy, parted hair takes it to the whole new level of admiration. Brad Pitt’s hairstyles always look amazing.

    Brad Pitt Eboy Haircut #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen

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    E Boy Haircut With Undercut

    To give your middle part men hairstyle an added pronunciation, team it with an undercut haircut on the back and sides. In this way, a curtain hairstyle becomes more contrasty and defined.

    E Boy Haircut With Undercut #eboyhaircut #middleparthaircut #curtainsbang

    Dyed Eboy Hair

    There are plenty of ways to enhance a middle part hair men style. Yet, if you want an ultimate boldness, then it is hard to think of a better way than dyeing your locks blond for a stylish and cool eBoy haircut.

    Dyed Eboy Hair #eboyhaircut #middleparthaircut #curtainsbang

    Short Curtains Hair

    Hair parted down the middle can be of any length. The main condition is that it should be long enough to fall to the sides. So, if you prefer a short center part hair style, feel free to go for it.

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    Straight & Wet EBoy Haircut

    Spice up a classic eBoy middle parts hair style by offsetting the parting a bit, especially if you have straight tresses. With a side part straight hair style looks sharper and edgier by default.

    Straight And Wet Eboy Look #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen

    Thick Eboy Fringe

    Guys with thick locks may play around with different trendy haircuts to upgrade their curtain bangs. For instance, you can go for a middle part undercut accompanied by a thick fringe.

    Thick Eboy Fringe #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen

    Keanu Reeves Eboy Haircut

    Every Keanu Reeves hairstyle becomes iconic and his take on a curtain cut is no exception. To give his look a masculine vibe, the John Wick star complements it with a coarse beard.

    Keanu Reeves Eboy Haircut #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen



    Cole Sprouse Hair

    To draw some inspiration on middle part hair guys can look up to Cole Sprouse curtain haircut. His iconic naturally curved hair look will not let you go unnoticed.

    Cole Sprouse Hair #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen

    Layered Mens Middle Part Hairstyle

    Layers are a welcome addition to all middle parted hair men styles. It gives your hair body and volume, which are essential for this look.

     Layered Mens Middle Part Hairstyle #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #curtainshair #curtainshairstyles #middlepartmen

    All that said, an eBoy haircut is a strong fashion statement. Thus, when opting for it, you can rest assured that you will never go unnoticed. Hopefully, we have given you plenty of insight and inspiration so that you could pull off this popular haircut yourself.

    Swept-Back Curtain Bangs

    Even though a classic middle parted hair male look is styled so that the hair falls to the sides, you can give it an effortless and modern feel by swiping the bangs back.

    Swept-Back Curtain Bangs #eboyhaircut #middleparthaircut #curtainsbang


    Surfer Boy Haircut

    What says summer holiday more than this carefree and breezy surfer boy hairstyle? We have no idea too. To achieve the look, you will need to arm yourself with a sea salt spray and a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. So, take that into account.

    Surfer Boy Haircut #eboyhaircut #middleparthaircut #curtainsbang

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    Channing’s Tatum Curtain Bangs

    Straight curtains hairstyle can also resonate with the eBoy hair trend and Channing Tatum foresaw it ten years ago. For an added slick effect, the actor defines his locks with styling products.

    Channing’s Tatum Curtain Bangs #eboyhaircut #middleparthaircut #curtainsbang

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    Longer Locks

    To make this messy look, establish volume with styling products. Use a blowdryer and hairbrush and add volume to your locks. A bit of hairspray will help keep the stacking in place.

    Longer Locks #eboyhaircut #middleparthaircut #curtainsbang


    Thick Wavy Strands

    If you have thick hair, it will be a little more difficult to deal with the curtain bangs. To fix the strands lightly add wax or gel, and fix it with a blowdryer.

    Wavy Strands #eboyhaircut #middleparthaircut #curtainsbang


    How do you do a eBoy hairstyle?

    To create a curtains hairstyle, you need to follow the next steps:
    1. Wash or wet your hair.
    2. Scoop a dime-sized amount of a texturizing hair gel or cream and rub it between your hands.
    3. Work the product throughout your wet locks.
    4. Wiggle your head to allow the hair to fall to the sides naturally.
    5. Using your fingers, perfect the hair parting in the middle until you are happy with it.
    6. Allow your hair to air dry.
    7. Push the top section of your hair up and tie it with an elastic band.
    8. Curl your hair around the elastic band and secure the bun you got with a scrunchy. Leave it like that for half an hour.
    9. Remove the band as well as the scrunchy and let the hair fall to the sides freely.

    How do you cut a curtain haircut?

    Here is how you can get one of the most popular 80s hair men styles:
    1. Wash your hair and towel dry it.
    2. Separate a top section of hair in the back and cut the hair beneath it to the desired length.
    3. Cut the top section in the back to the same length as the hair below it.
    4. Grab a strand of hair from the side, place it between your fingers at an acute angle to the head and cut the ends holding the scissors parallel to your hand.
    5. Repeat step 4 for the rest of the hair on the sides and back.
    6. Take a strand of hair from the top, pull it up and secure between fingers, holding the hand parallel to your head. Cut the ends using the scissors.
    7. Repeat step 6 for all the hair on top.
    8. Comb down the hair on top and divide it into two sections with a center part.
    9. Take the length to the middle of the ears.
    10. By combing hair in different directions, eliminate any inconsistencies and stick out hairs.

    What is the eBoy haircut called?

    The eBoy haircut is often called a curtain hair style because of its resemblance to curtains.

    What are curtain bangs?

    A center parting hair style with bangs that frame your face on both sides is referred to as curtain bangs. If you are wondering what are short curtains called, then it is an e Boy hair style.


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