So, what exactly is the taper haircut? It’s short haircuts for men when the hairstylist leaves the hair on the top of your head long, and then buzz cuts the hair on the sides and back of your head in a progressive manner or, in other words, “tapers” the hair toward your neckline.  And, how long is a taper haircut? Generally, it is anywhere between 2-4” long.


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    What Is A Taper Haircut? All You Need To Know About Tapers

    The taper haircut offers a lot of styling options. You can part it on either side, brush it back, create a faux hawk, fashion a pompadour, spike it, or do anything you can imagine, really.

    The taper hair cut has a few “relatives,” each of which varies the length of the hair on top and/or the manner of the taper. The taper fade haircut is one such variation. With this haircut, the taper keeps on going along the sides and back until it merges or “fades” into the skin.


    Taper Haircut Types

    Almost all barbers know what you want when you ask for the classic taper haircut. But of course, bringing a picture will always help to get really right result. Decide what type of taper haircut you like and suit more and then boldly go to your stylist!

    Classic Taper vs. Taper Fade

    What Is The Difference Between A Taper And A Fade?

    A lot of men confuse a taper with a fade haircut. So, let’s sort things out. A taper cut is more classic for the most part. In this cut, the hair on the back and sides smoothly shortens from the top toward the hairline. When it hits the ear, it curves around it and goes down toward your nape. With a fade, the hair on the back and sides is usually cut much shorter compared to a taper. It can also be skin faded at all levels. Thus, your hairline is minimized. Moreover, there are many more hairstyles to pair with a fade, such as an undercut fade, a comb over fade, a mohawk fade and a lot of others.

    Classic Taper vs. Taper Fade #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhair #taperedhaircut #tavervstaperfade

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    While the classic taper haircut and the taper fade haircut resemble, they differ in particular ways. It’s a bit hard to tell at first glance, and you might not be able to readily tell if it’s taper vs fade or fade vs taper. But, here are some basic differences:

    • Hairstylists use scissors to cut a taper hair cut and clippers to cut a taper fade haircut.
    • Taper fade haircuts might make you look like you’re balding. Such isn’t the case with taper haircuts.
    • Taper fade haircuts require little upkeep. Taper haircuts require upkeep.
    • Your hair moves readily in a taper hair cut. Not so much in a taper fade haircut.

    Styling a taper haircut is very easy. The volume is built into the haircut. If you want more, however, with just a comb and styling product, you can create a host of great looks. Fashion a slicked back look, comb over, side part, or pompadour, just to name a few. It takes only a few extra minutes, but it’s definitely worth it.


    Low Taper Haircut

    In addition to deciding to get a taper haircut, you also need to decide where you want the taper to start and end or consider a variation. One such variation is a low taper fade haircut. With the low taper fade, the taper starts about an inch over the ears and is closer to the neck and ears than other tapers.

    Low Taper Haircut #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhair #taperedhaircut

    Mid Taper Haircut

    Mid taper refers to a specific haircut style that involves gradually reducing the length of the hair from the top to the sides and back of the head. It is a popular choice among men and is often achieved using clippers or scissors to create a seamless blend between different hair lengths. The mid taper haircut provides a balanced and polished look, with a clean transition between longer hair on the top and shorter hair on the sides and back. This style offers versatility and can be customized to suit individual preferences by adjusting the length and blending techniques used.

    Mid Taper Haircut #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhaircut

    Source: @xbigwesx via Instagram


    High Taper Haircut

    High taper is a trendy haircut style characterized by a sharp and noticeable contrast between the longer hair on top and the very short hair on the sides and back of the head. This style typically involves a gradual fade or taper that starts high on the head, usually above the temples or even higher, and continues down to a shorter length near the neckline.

    Taper Fade

    A taper fade is an extremely popular haircut for good reason. It always comes out flattering no matter what style you are going for on top of your head. Thanks to the shorter sides, you make your crown the focal point of the whole look. Besides, it helps you tame the locks with its neat and clean silhouette.

    Taper Fade #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhaircut

    Source: @edouardclipperhand via Instagram

    Burst Taper

    The term “burst” refers to the rounded shape created by blending the different hair lengths seamlessly. This haircut is often characterized by its clean and polished appearance, offering a modern twist on the classic taper cut.

    Burst Taper #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhaircut

    Source: @spukthebarber via Instagram


    Tapered Middle Part

    Taper middle part is a sleek and polished look, adding dimension and structure to the hairstyle. The tapered effect is achieved by carefully trimming the hair so that it gradually decreases in thickness from the center part to the outer edges. Middle part taper is a great choice for guys who follow trends.

    Taper Short Hair

    Tapered short hair refers to a haircut style where the hair gradually becomes shorter from the top of the head down to the nape of the neck. This haircut typically involves using different clipper guard lengths to create a faded effect, resulting in a clean and polished look.

    Taper Short Hair #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhaircut

    Source: @rpb_nq via Instagram

    Long Hair Taper

    A long hair taper haircut is a popular haircut style characterized by longer hair on the top that gradually tapers down towards the back and sides of the head. A long tapered haircut combines the length and versatility of long hair with the neatness and structure of a taper fade. The longer hair on top can be styled in various ways, such as being slicked back, worn loose and flowing, or tied up in a ponytail or bun, while the tapered sides and back create a clean and polished look.

    Long Hair Taper #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhaircut

    Source: @sergeyshapochka via Instagram


    Medium Hair Taper

    A medium hair taper is a popular hairstyle where the hair gradually decreases in length from the top to the sides and back of the head. It involves blending the longer hair on the crown with shorter hair on the sides and back, creating a tapered effect.

    Medium Hair Taper #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhaircut

    Source: @braidbarbers via Instagram

    Textured Brushed Up

    A skin fade taper allows you to maintain thick texture up top while keeping the overall style low maintenance with its short sides. Hair is almost bald near the ears and gradually increases in length up to the top. Maintain at least a couple of inches to get this spiky texture.

    Textured Brushed Up #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhaircut

    Source: @mattyconrad via Instagram

    Curly Taper Haircut

    Whenever you need your hair to look fresh and edgy, feel free to this textured curls. A tapered sides and back is a perfect accompaniment for such a look.

    Curly Taper Haircut #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhaircut

    Source: @braidbarbers via Instagram


    Classic Taper Men With Parting

    This men’s taper is a classic choice for haircuts. The sides are buzzed short close to the ear and gradually get longer as the hair nears the top of the head. With short sides and a combed back top, it’s a fresh, neat style to wear to work.

    Brushed Back Short Waves

    After washing your hair, apply some styling products and blow-dry your hair brushing it in the back. Rub in a small amount of styling putty or pomade between your hands and work through your hair to shape and lock in the style. Short tapered haircuts can be styled in different ways including brushed back locks.

    Brushed Back Short Waves #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhair #taperedhaircut

    Source: @xbigwesx via Instagram

    Taper Sides with Long Comb Over

    If you prefer to keep your hair longer, a taper comb over haircut will help with that. This one features long hair about 3 inches in length combed to one side. The sides are tapered low so all the attention is drawn to the top. With brunette color, it’s a boy-next-door vibe, but if you go with blonde, you’ll get major surfer style.


    Tapered Back

    One of the best things about a taper in the back is that it can go as low down your neck as you want. Therefore, if you are not into a particularly sharp and bold haircut, then a low neck taper fade is a perfect solution for you. Although it does not take a lot of hair from your head, it still makes your hair look spick and span.

    Straight Hair Mid Taper

    After shampooing, use some styling product or thermal protector, blow dry your hair, and finish with pomade or styling gel. Slick back short hair with taper with a brush or use your hands. The more styling product you use, the stronger your hair will get slick and shiny.

    Tapered Crew Cut

    Even such a short haircut as a crew cut can be complemented with a taper. Together they make up a stylish and trendy combo that is low maintenance and dapper. Short stubble will become an awesome accompaniment to such a look, as it brings a bit casual and carefree vibes.

    Tapered Crew Cut #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhaircut

    Source: @giuse_laguardia via Instagram


    Classic Scissor Cut With Beard

    A classic tapered cut is one to keep in the books for a style that always looks good. If your beard is on the thicker side, the contrast of it with short sides and scissor-cut top is quite handsome. Keep the medium taper fade trimmed up for the best balance of short with a brushed up long top.

    Classic Scissor Cut With Beard #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhair #taperedhaircut

    Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

    Brushed Back Scissor Cut

    You can get a tapered men haircut with the help of hair clippers or scissors. In the latter case, the haircut looks more textured and voluminous. For an added emphasis, brush the hair back using a wide tooth comb and a blob of a hair mousse.

    Brushed Back Scissor Cut #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @z_ramsey via Instagram

    Short Taper Fade With Crop Top

    If you think that a crop top is a boring and old-fashioned hairstyle, then you have not tried to pair it with a short taper fade on the back and sides. It is noteworthy that you can adjust the style to fit any ambiance. For a more formal and restrained appearance, go for a low taper fade, whereas to achieve a bolder and sharper look, opt for a high taper fade.

    Short Taper Fade With Crop Top #taper #taperhaircut #taperedhair #taperedhaircut

    Source: @cheobarberpr via Instagram


    Fresh & Clean Tapers

    With a fresh taper haircut men may feel like newly born. If you want to experience this sensation too, do not hesitate to ask your barber for a clean taper haircut.

    Fresh & Clean Tapers #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @xbigwesx via Instagram

    Styled Pompadour

    To draw attention to a pompadour, a high bald taper is just the thing. The top is about three inches near the hairline and features shorter layers as it nears the back of the head. The temples are prominent with detailed shaping. With a cleaned up neckline and the suave thick layered style up top, this cut is especially flattering on many face shapes.

    Styled Pompadour #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade

    Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

    Tapered Side Part

    Another stylish way to wear a tapered cut is with a side part. You pick your good side and the stylist either shaves in a hard part or simply separates the hair at the point above one eyebrow’s center. Use a bit of mousse to comb the hair smooth and give it a bit of wave. To keep the overall style fresh and neat, make sure to regularly groom your facial hair to avoid a messy look.

    Tapered Side Part #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade

    Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram


    Combed Up & Back Taper Haircut

    To help your taper haircut out with some rugged sexiness, pair it with thick hair and slightly scruffy facial hair. Keep the facial hair trimmed, then shave sideburns to the same length as the fade at the ear level. Scrunch in a product at the top to encourage this piecey texture.

    Undercut Taper

    An undercut taper features a short back that is typically buzzed to near baldness or with only minimal length. It’s a handsome addition of edge when the top is long and combed to the side. A goatee or minimal facial hair looks best with this cut. To liven up the top, add blonde hair color.

    Medium Crop

    To get a crop haircut, make sure the bangs are cut bluntly and just above the eyebrows and opt for a low fade taper. The bangs will match up with where the side hair begins to shorten. You can either keep the top straight and brush it flat or use product to shape texture.

    Medium Crop #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade

    Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram


    The Tapered Ivy League

    This Ivy League haircut features a low taper fade and slightly messy texture up top that is 1.5 to 2 inches long. With just a small amount of scruff at the beard, the style is effortlessly handsome. Choose to brush down the top hair or slightly mussied for surfer vibes.To maintain the Ivy League vibe, have the length trimmed regularly. A slight bit of lift at the hairline is what makes it flattering for a round or square face.

    The Tapered Ivy League #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade #taperedhaircut

    Source: @corneliucrihan via Instagram

    Brush At The Side And Faded Taper Haircut

    As you can see, the side part fade looks amazing. When you get your haircut, you can tell your hairstylist you want a deep side part or a side part haircut. Or, if your hair has enough length, you can just go ahead and simply do it.

    Slick At The Side And Faded #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

    Slick Back Hair

    This model’s slick back hair works for all this model’s needs. He maybe touched up his slick back fade once. Or was it twice. Maybe. Want to know how to slick back hair? A brush and pomade. That’s it.

    Slick Back Hair #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @barberking_kh via Instagram


    Brushed Back Layers

    This model’s hair captures the wow factor of a taper haircut. While the tapers of a medium layered haircut are mostly short, you can always vary the length of the top. The hairstylist combined the longer top into the lower taper. It’s just gorgeous. You’ll have no worries with how to style medium length hair men. Just brush.

    Brushed Back Layers #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @cheobarberpr via Instagram

    The Medium Pompadour

    If you want to know how to style a pompadour, you’ll first need a skin taper that allows you to style your hair like this model’s. Here it is longer in the back and sides (you could simply download this photo and take it to your hairstylist). You could also ask your hairstylist to give you a pompadour fade haircut.

    After shampooing, use strong hold, water based pomade to slick back the sides of your hair. Then, blow dry your hair with a round brush. Use the brush to roll your hair upward and forward in sections. When your hair is dry, use a small amount of pomade to further form and shape your pompadour. Finish your pompadour hair with a spritz of hairspray.

    The Medium Pompadour #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

    Taper Design

    Check out this photo. This model added a fascinating hair tattoo to his taper haircut. Taper haircuts were already unique. With a hair tattoo men, their distinction was radically elevated.

    Taper Cut With A Hair Tattoo #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade #taperedhaircut

    Source: @r.braid via Instagram


    Textured Quiff Taper Haircut

    The quif hairstyle somewhat resembles the pompadour, as it sweeps back the hair. If you want a mens quif, ask your hairstylist to begin the taper higher up. It will produce more even, less heavy quif hair. It will even give you more styling options, such as parts.

    Textured Quiff #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

    Spiky Taper Haircut

    Short spiky hairstyles give you even more flexibility with taper haircuts. It’s so easy to get short spiky hair, too. If you want spiky hair like this model’s, high taper hair like his works best. The lower tapers might not work as well.

    Spiky Hairstyle #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @xbigwesx via Instagram

    Textured Taper

    Taper and taper fade haircuts work perfectly for textured hair. This model’s waves look fabulous parted. And he could do even more if he wanted to. Also, due to the fact that a taper haircut takes some hair off your sides and back thus making your mane appear less heavy, you can complement your look with some facial hair without being afraid to give an unkempt impression. To double the effect, go for a taper cut on your beard as well.

    Textured Taper #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @z_ramsey via Instagram


    Afro Taper Fade

    Tapered haircuts are ideal for everyone. Look at the tapered haircut on natural hair. Taper haircut black and the black men haircuts taper fade so easily incorporate several trends. This popular low fade haircut accentuates this young man’s curls, gradually lessens, and then disappears. It’s exclusively his. The length of the hair decreases as it gradually goes down from the top until it disappears. The curls on the top are styled in various ways.

    Afro Taper Fade #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade #taperedhaircut

    Source: @nickthebarber via Instagram

    Layered Quiff

    If you are looking for ways to complement your layered quiff, there is hard to think of a better option than a tapered haircut. Thanks to the sleek and smooth appearance, it pairs nicely with any layered cut. Even a coarse beard cannot make your hairstyle enhanced with a taper look unkempt.

    Layered Quiff #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade #taperedhaircut

    Source: @a.nizhnick via Instagram

    Classic Texture

    For those who opt for rather classic haircuts, there is also a great way to spruce it up with a taper. Go for more texture on the top for added definition and contrast while complementing it with a smooth taper on the sides. In this way, you will get the look that will open any door.

    Classic Texture #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade #taperedhaircut

    Source: @a.nizhnick via Instagram


    Casual Brushed Up Hair With Tapered Sides

    To give your look a casual and breezy flair, brush up the hair on the top so that it forms a crest. The hair on the sides should be tapered, which creates additional contrast with the ample top. It also makes up a more relaxed take on a traditional faux hawk hairstyle.

    Casual Brushed Up Hair With Tapered Sides #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

    Comb Over Taper Haircut

    You do not always have to team a taper with a textured top. It also goes perfectly with such a polished and elegant hairstyle as a comb over. Instead, it enhances its refined appearance and creates an exceptionally clean-cut look. Thus, if you are looking for a hairstyle with a formal yet modern feel, the search stops here.

    Comb Over Taper Haircut #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade #taperedhaircut

    Source: @a.nizhnick via Instagram

    Medium Taper + Undercut

    A golden mean of taper haircuts is a mid taper. It creates both edgy yet moderate look of your cut allowing you to sport both messy and sleek hairstyles on top. Thus, it can be considered an utterly versatile, as you can style it to suit any ambiance, from casual to formal. Not sure what is a medium taper haircut? In this type of taper cuts, the back and sides are tapered starting a midway downward. As simple as it is.

    Medium Taper + Undercut #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade #taperedhaircut

    Source: @anthonythebarber916 via Instagram


    Crop Top Fade

    Many consider a crop top fade quite a controversial hairstyle. Yet, if you modernize it with a taper haircut, all doubts will be dispelled. Because the hair on top of your head is already so short, you should also chop off quite a lot of length from the sides. The first thing you will really appreciate, apart from a neat and clean look it gives, of course, is the low maintenance this hairstyle provides you with.

    Crop Top Fade #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade #taperedhaircut

    Source: @a.nizhnick via Instagram

    Taper Fade With Textured Brush Up

    This hairstyle is obviously not for everybody. Only a really daring and trendy man will be able to pull it off. The sides are tapered to move the focus to the textured top, which you need to brush up for a voluminous appearance. But what makes this cut really stand out is its texture.

    Taper Fade With Textured Brush Up #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade #taperedhaircut

    Source: @los_cut_it via Instagram

    Flat Top Taper

    Nowadays, the men’s flat top hairstyle is extremely popular. It brings back the 50s. If you don’t know those styles, you should. They are legends and set the cool standard.


    Quiff With Short Tapered Hair

    An awesome way to accentuate your quiff is to complement is with a short taper cut on the sides and back. This will give your hairstyle an additional contrast and shift the whole attention to the hair on top. Thus, you can also apply a sparing amount of a hairstyling product to enhance the texture of the quiff.

    Tapered Sides And Back

    Tapering your back and sides allows you to make the hair on the top of your head a focal point of the whole look. Hence, you are welcome to play around with the style of your top as you like. If you are aiming for a relaxed and carefree look, style your top messy and textured, while for a refined and dapper impression, sleek the top back or comb it over.

    Short Taper With Brushed Back Hair

    If you think that a short hair taper cut does not suit a professional environment, we are here to prove you wrong. It all depends on the way you style your top. So it looks neat and dapper, brush the front section of your locks back and secure it with a spritz of a hair spray.

    Short Taper With Brushed Back Hair #taper #taperhaircut #taperfade #taperedhaircut

    Source: @shawn_barbz via Instagram


    Taper Haircut With Side Brush

    As hair tapering takes the top to the center stage, you can play around with it as you like. For instance, brush the hair on top to the side and complement it with a side part for a neat and defined look.

    Taper With Side Brush #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @barberking_kh via Instagram

    Tapered Cropped Bang

    There are many ways to accentuate a cropped top and tapered mens haircuts are one of the most popular. With a haircut taper, cropped bangs come out more prominent and accentuated.

    Tapered Cropped Bang #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @z_ramsey via Instagram

    Textured Wavy Crop

    With a tapered cut natural hair texture gains a new turn, as it becomes more pronounced. Besides, no matter whether it is a high or low taper haircut, you can rest assured that it will look amazing.

    Textured Wavy Crop #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @alan_beak via Instagram


    Blow Back Waves

    If you lean toward a long taper haircut, then you can try to style it blow back. This will give your hair more volume and emphasis.

    Wavy Brushed Back Taper Haircut

    For wavy long hair taper works wonders. It shows off your hair texture like no other. So, you can never go wrong with it.

    Wavy Brushed Back #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @z_ramsey via Instagram

    How To Style The Classic Taper Haircut

    When it comes to the styling of a taper cut, there is an abundance of ways to do it. The first thing that you should consider is what impression you want it to give and what situation to suit. Based on this, you can choose sleek and elegant or messy and casual taper hairstyle or anything in between them. Yet, there are several surefire steps you can take when styling a classic taper cut.

    A side part is always a good idea to complement your taper cut with, particularly when you go for a bold part. Also, so that you would be able to make the most out of your tapered haircut, you need to stock up on some really trusty hair styling products. If you have short locks, then a hair pomade, wax, paste or alike will become your best friend. In case you opt for a long cut, go for a strong hold product. Finally, to give your hairstyle a shiny finish, choose a hair paste or pomade.

    How To Style The Classic Taper Haircut #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @xbigwesx via Instagram


    Are There Any Tapered Haircut Requirements?

    For tapered hair, your hairstylist should have at least two inches all around your head with which to work. More on top would be even better. Such a length on the sides lets your hairstylist create an even, nice-looking taper. If you have less, your hairstylist could probably create a nice faded taper.

    Are There Any Tapered Haircut Requirements? #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @xbigwesx via Instagram

    How Do I Tell My Hairstylist I Want A Men’s Taper Haircut?

    Most hairstylists know what a men’s taper haircut is. To be absolutely sure you get the exact haircut you want, download a photo of the look you like onto your smartphone and show it to your hairstylist. You could even use the pics from this article.

    How Do I Tell My Hairstylist I Want A Men’s Taper Haircut? #taper #taperhaircut

    Source: @z_ramsey via Instagram

    What Do I Need For The Men’s Taper Haircut?

    Despite the fact that there are no strict rules when it comes to the required hair length for a taper cut, it will be easier to pull off if your hair is around two inches long. For a better result, you can leave the top a bit longer than the rest of your hair. This will allow your barber to taper your locks smoothly and gradually.

    The taper haircut is the perfect men’s hairstyle. Its variations, including the taper fade haircut, offer the ideal versatility for today’s man. He can do anything he wants, go everywhere, and his hair will always look modern and fresh.

    Imagine getting ready for work in the morning. It just takes a few minutes. You first style your hair professionally. After work, with just a few sweeps of the comb or hand tousles, you look casual or maybe a bit wild. Now you’re ready to meet the guys for a drink or perhaps that special date. It’s that easy.

    With a taper haircut, you can be yourself. You can have it all.


    FAQs: Taper Haircut

    What is a taper in a haircut?

    A mens taper in terms of a haircut is a gradual change in length of your hair from longer to shorter.

    How do you ask for a taper haircut?

    To ask your barber for a mens taper haircut, you should just tell them that you want it. A real pro should know the term. However, what you may need to specify is how short you want it to be and what you are planning to pair it with on top.

    What does a tapered haircut look like?

    A men’s tapered haircut features longer hair on top with the back and sides gradually decreasing in length.

    What’s the difference between a fade and a taper?

    The main difference between a hair taper and fade is that the former implies simply taking the hair from longer to shorter, whereas for the latter to take place, the hair should be blended into the skin. That is why tapered hair is noticeably longer than faded.


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