There are hairstyles for men that combine both classic and modernism together. A high fade is surely one of those cuts. The thing is that it always looks super classy when you pull a fade off, but with high fade, things are completely different. While maintaining a pretty neat appearance, there is still a lot of room left for the experimentation. As you may have already guessed today, we are going to discuss all the peculiarities of high fade haircut for men, but apart from that, we will supply you with some trendy and fresh ideas to try out if the cut comes to your liking!


    What Is The High Fade Haircut?

    Before we proceed to the fresh ideas for you to pull off it should be mentioned what a high fade actually is. The thing is that haircuts are divided mostly into three: high, middle and low. As you may have already guessed high fade haircut means that the hair gradually fades from the highest point to the lowest which means that the hair to play around with is left on the top mostly, while the sides and the back are closely cut or even shaved sometimes. If what you just read fits you – let’s move on to the examples!

    What Is The High Fade Haircut? #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    High Fade Haircut Combinations

    These short haircuts for men are on the edge of popularity nowadays that is why we are ready to present to your attention a new collection of fade cuts to try out now!

    Cropped Textured Top

    One of the biggest benefits of fade is that it can go with almost any length of hair on top. If you prefer to have your thatch clean cut, there’s no better option than pairing it with a fade haircut.

    Cropped Textured Top #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Buzz Cut High Fade

    As we mentioned before, with a fade, you can go for any length of your hair on top. Even such a short haircut for men as a buzz cut can be complemented with a fade. A line up along the forehead, temple and cheekbones makes your look even more defined.

    Buzz Cut Fade #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Wavy Top High Fade

    For a wavy and curly hair structure, any kind of fade is a real godsend, as it allows concentrating attention on your top hair while keeping the unruly locks tamed. For extra boldness and sharpness of the look, you can dye your mens hairstyles to make them pop against your skin tone.

    Wavy Top High Fade #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    High Fade + Line Up

    When comparing low vs high fade, it may seem that they are quite different. Yet, one of the biggest similarities they have is that both of them welcome various adornments. A line up is made to be flaunted with a fade, as it creates a defined outline and adds to the sharpness of the cut.

    High Fade + Line Up #highfade #fade #fadehaircut #mensfade

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    Crew Cut + Undercut

    Crew cut fade is one of those styles, which will look equally impressive both in the office and at the party. What is more messy texture to your hair is what defines sophistication in your look so that ladies will swarm around to get your attention!

    Crew Cut + Undercut #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    High Fade Pompadour

    Pompadour fade is the rebirth of hairstyling traditions men were used to in 50’s. The truth is that pompadour hairstyle will require some time and effort spend on styling, but the end result will surely be worth it!

    Pompadour #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Slicked Back Undercut

    If you are aiming for an ultimately contrasty haircut, then there is hardly anything that can compare to a high fade undercut. Because shortly trimmed back and sides provide a clean cut and pronounced silhouette, you are free to style your top however you like, from a high fade pompadour to a faux hawk.

    High Fade + Tapered Cut

    When it comes to taper vs fade combination, you should know that the basic difference lies in length. The thing is that taper fade has three levels of fading: fade, taper, and hair on the top. When you look closely at the image here, you will get the point. It should be mentioned that you can leave the top as long as you would like it to be and then play around with it when it comes to styling.

    High Fade + Tapered Cut #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    High Top

    High top fade has been trendy a while ago, but it seems to be back these days as well. The only difference lies in the fact that these days it is mixed with a fade in order to be super stylish. In case this looks like your cup of tea – go for it boy!

    High Top #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Comb Over High Fade

    High fade comb over will be highly appreciated by those of you who have thinning hair. The thing is that comb over grants your hair that necessary volume while shaved sides and back grant you the polished and stylish look.

    Comb Over Fade #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    High Skin Fade

    A high skin fade, also known as a high bald fade, is probably the sharpest and the boldest of all men haircuts. Its softer version, a high bald taper, also looks daring and fashionable even though it takes your hair from long to short in a much more gradual fashion.

    High Skin Fade #highfade #fade #fadehaircut #mensfade

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    High And Tight Fade

    The high and tight haircut is that perfect option for men who prefer minimalism to anything else but still wish to look stylish. It should also be mentioned that gentlemen with darker hair look just great wearing high and tight!


    High Fade Long Top

    One of the biggest advantages of a mens high fade haircut is that with so little hair on the sides and back, you can go for as long hair on top as you like. Not only does a long top look eye-catching and prominent, but it is also pretty low maintenance compared to other long hairstyles.

    High Fade Long Top #highfade #fade #fadehaircut #mensfade

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    Crew Cut

    High fade haircuts have no limits in terms of hair length on top. That said, you can cut it pretty short and still end up with an edgy and bold hair look, which is also very practical and easy to maintain. In addition to that, when complemented with a high fade crew cut gains more definition and sharpness. If that seems good to you, then wait no longer to try on a crew cut high fade.

    High Fade Crew Cut #highfade #fade #fadehaircut #mensfade

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    High Fade Short Hair

    A mens high fade is one of those cuts that can spruce up literally any hair look. So, if you simply have short hair and feel like adding an intricate twist to it, it is hard to think of a better option than having the sides and back faded. A short hair is so popular combo that it actually has another name, which is a high and tight haircut.

    High Fade Short Hair #highfade #fade #fadehaircut #mensfade

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    High Fade Black Men

    When accompanied by a high fade black hair is much easier to tame. Besides, it results in a very distinct and sharp look. In case you want to bring it to the whole new level of boldness, consider getting a high skin fade haircut on the back and sides.

    Side Part + High Fade

    Very often the side part is underestimated. The truth is that this elegant style is exactly what you need to combine both the party and the business. Let us explain what we have in mind. Side part haircut contains the classic fade and part while leaves all the trendiness to the top and that entitles you with a fair share of choices. See for yourself!

    Side Part + High Fade #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Quiff Top

    This haircut is pretty much like a best friend of a pompadour with the only difference in styling. Quiff hairstyle is worn in such a way that your hair is brushed back wave-like. It is true that quiff hair involves some styling but the fade lessens the effort at least three times, don’t you agree?

    Quiff Top #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    High Fade With Hard Part

    If you think that a high fade is an ultimate way to make your haircut defined, we are here to prove you wrong. With a hard part or a side part high fade gains another dimension. That is to say, there is always room for experiments.

    High Fade With Hard Part #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Curly Hair

    The best way to add a new twist to your look is to try out a new haircut. Curly hair fade is one of those things that can change your look dramatically. Add a curly fade to your list, and you will not regret it!

    Curly Hair #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Afro Textured Hair

    It is true that twists are not something that all men would dare to pull off. But, in case you are a bold fellow then textured hairstyles won’t scare you. Once you set your mind on this style, we suggest you combine sponges with a fade haircut!

    Afro Textured Hair #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Temp Fade

    A high temp fade creates a sharp and edgy appearance, as it not only keeps focus on the top of your head but also incorporates a line up along the forehead and temple area. To make it even bolder, you can add a shape up around your beard.

    Temp Fade #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Spiky Blonde Bald Fade

    High bald fade is the cut for men who like to keep all the party on the top. The truth is that high skin fade means that the sides and the back are almost clean shaved or at least cut the closest to the skin. Such a cut gives you a choice to experiment with the top without paying attention to the rest of your hair.

    Spiky Blonde Bald Fade #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Long Hair With Undercut

    Yet, long hair also works perfectly for a fade, as it allows you to create a high contrast look the hassle. Besides, long hair on top offers multiple styling options, from sleek and smooth to messy and textured.

    Long Hair With Undercut #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Faux Hawk

    A faux hawk haircut was meant to be paired with a fade. It’s much easier to make the appearance of a crest when you have the sides faded so high. This hairstyle is also very versatile, as you can style the hair on top whatever you like.

    Braided Top

    If you have curly locks, then a high fade is an absolute must for you. A braided top looks neat and dapper. It allows keeping your unruly locks in check. For a stylish twist, you can braid the hair on top and adorn a side with a hair design.

    Braided Top #highfade #fade #fadehaircut #mensfade

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    Flat Top Fade

    For guys who sport a flat top hairstyle, a high fade is a sure way to go. It makes your hair atop a focal point of the whole look. Add a hard part and you’re certain to have all eyes on you.

    Flat Top Fade #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Caesar Haircut

    Although most mens fade hairstyles are combed back, many of them can be combed forward too. Take, for instance, a Caesar haircut. When teamed with a faded on the sides and back, it not only keeps focus on the top hair but also gives your hairstyle a modern turn.

    Spiked Top And Simple Design

    Daring guys who choose to style their hair on top spiked up should opt for a high taper fade on the sides for added contrast and sharpness. A low key shaved in hair design is a perfect accompaniment for such a look.

    Textured Top

    So many styling options, so little time. So, don’t hesitate to try as many cool hairstyles as possible. A faux hawk can be easily transformed into a textured top and vice versa. Just don’t limit your imagination.

    Textured Top #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Mohawk Haircut

    If you are looking for a softer way to pull off a mohawk, it is almost impossible without a fade haircut. They are simply meant for each other. When you pair them together, you will get a stylish variation on a traditional mohawk with bald sides, which is a faux hawk.

    Undercut + Styled Spiky Top

    The undercut is usually chosen by men who would like their hair to be longer but without taking it too far. Undercut fade is that exact cut that will leave the top untouched if you want it while it will add that trimmed and polished look to the sides and back so everything will be in harmony.

    Cropped Fringe

    A Caesar haircut may sometimes look a bit plain and boring. However, you can always give it a stylish touch by complementing your textured top with tapers on the sides and back. This will allow you to make the hair on your crown the focal point of the whole look while sporting a stylish take on a classic cut.


    High Fade With Beard

    As high fades take quite a lot of hair from the sides and back, they allow for some extra hair either on the top of your head or on your face. Thus, this haircut with a beard will still look neat and dapper provided, of course, that you keep your facial hair in check too.

    High Drop Fade

    If you cannot decide between a high vs mid, then a high drop fade is what you are looking for. As it curves behind your ear, it removes less hair from your back. Hence, it comes out less harsh than a classic cut. This makes it a great option for a formal environment. No wonder that a sleek back or comb over is one of the most popular hairstyles for work.

    High Drop Fade #highfade #fade #fadehaircut

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    Being a stylish man is not easy, we know. However, there is something we can help you with, at least. How about a trendy haircut? High fade is on fire this season. And we happen to be aware of all the tiniest details, and we are more than willing to share!


    What is a high fade?

    A high fade mens haircut suggests cutting the hair on your back and sides so that it gradually decreases in length from the top toward the hairline. The fade is called high when the fading begins from the forehead or temple area. As with the high fade men look pretty sharp and edgy, you need to have a certain amount of fashion bravery to sport it.

    Is a high fade a good haircut?

    Not only is a high fade a good haircut but it is just amazing! Its versatility is one of the main advantages it offers you. Thus, you can rock a high fade with long hair or opt for a short hair high fade haircut if you prefer low maintenance hair looks.

    Is high fade professional?

    A high fade haircut definitely looks professional. So, if you are considering it as your staple office haircut, it is a good idea. There are plenty of ways to pull off a high faded cut so it suits a formal ambiance, such as a high fade slick back, a high fade pompadour or a high skin taper.

    What’s the difference between low and high fade?

    Don’t know what’s the difference between low and high fade? We’ll shed some light on the matter then. In the low fade, the hair is tapered down so that it is the shortest near your hairline, whereas, in the fade, the length starts to decrease from your forehead’s corner and continues to shorten all the way down.

    Is high fade better than low fade?

    Both a high and a low fade are equally as good as each other. Which one to choose depends majorly on your preferences. So, when deciding between a low fade vs high fade, you should go for a high fade if you want an edgy and bold hair look, while a low fade is a way to go for those who lean toward less intense haircuts.

    What is a high taper fade?

    Not sure what is a high taper fade? No worries, we will give you the idea. In a taper fade cut, the hair on the top of the head is left long, while the back and sides are tapered down. Starting from the top, your hair length should decrease gradually toward the neckline and merge with your skin at the bottom. As the transition is smooth, this kind of fade gives a clean yet edgy appearance without abrupt or unkempt areas.


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