The slicked back undercut is a modern take on a classic slicked back hairstyle. It has brilliantly withstood the test of time and successfully adjusted to current trends. With clean sides and ample top, a slick back undercut offers tons of styling options. If you want to know how to style one of its most popular variations, stay tuned.


    Slick Back Undercut: A To Z

    An undercut slick back haircut is a male cut that implies shaving off the hair on the sides and brushing the elongated top toward the back of the head. As it looks polished and refined, a slicked back hair undercut is suitable for any occasion. This and many other benefits have made it one of the most popular mens hairstyles.

    However, swept back hair has not always been popular among all men across the world. Initially, hipster barbers made it their signature haircut. Yet, after a while, celebrities, singers, sportsmen and other influential people popularized it globally. Modern slicked back undercut can be pulled off on any hair texture, from straight to coily.

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    How To Get Slicked Back Undercut

    Before getting down to styling, it’s important to have the right men’s haircut. So that it could be slicked back, the hair on top of your head should be cut in layers with the hair length varying from 3 to 5 inches. As for the sides, they should be either undercut or both faded and undercut. For added definition, you can enhance the look with a line-up that goes along the hairline.

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    How To Style Slicked Back Hair

    How do you do a slicked back undercut?

    When the barber has given you one of the mens haircut styles that can be slick back, it’s time to arm yourself with a bunch of grooming tools that will make the process of styling slicked back hair effortless – a high-grade pomade, a styling mousse, a blow-dryer and a non-pulling comb. They will also come in handy for any other popular haircuts for men should you decide to upgrade your hairstyle again. Depending on the finish and hold you want, the type of pomade will vary. For wavy or dense hair, opt for a styling product with a strong hold. If you’re after a natural and textured finish, go with a matte pomade.

    How long does hair have to be for slick back undercut?

    Wondering how long does hair have to be for slick back undercut? As it is longer on the top than the sides, it is important to grow out the required length there. To be able to pull off a sterling slick back undercut, your hair on top should be from four to six inches long. This will allow for a perfect flattened shape to effortlessly stay in place and look flawless.

    Step 1

    Now, that you have the right tapered haircut and the required hair products, it’s time for styling. Basically, any men’s hairstyles begin with refreshing your hair with water. The slick back ‘do is no exception. Spritz a couple of times the top section of your locks with water so that it would become damp but not dripping. Then, you want to apply a blob of hair mousse and saturate it evenly with a non-pulling comb.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 2

    While drying, you can push the hair slightly to one side, which will give your undercut haircut some direction. Finish off by using the cool temperature setting so that the hair follicles close up.

    Step 3

    Take a small amount of the styling product that works perfectly with undercut men hairstyles. We recommend using ocean clay, which will give you both the defined texture and a natural feel. Rub half of a scoop of the clay between your hands to warm it up for an even application and spread it all over your top section of the hair starting at the front and working your way toward the back.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    So that your slick back hair style would have enough texture, comb it all the way through one more time with the non-pulling comb. Its wide teeth will give that edgy effect that you won’t be able to achieve with the brush or fingers. Help yourself with your other hand to press your hair into place.

    Step 4

    Step 5

    And you’re done! Your flawless staple of short sides long top hairstyles is ready to rock. To make sure that your hair looks irresistible, pose for the mirror and then take no less than a bazillion of selfies. Congrats on your official mastering the art of styling a slicked back undercut!

    Step 5

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    How To Perfectly Style Slicked Back Undercut


    What Not To Do With A Slicked Back Undercut

    If you do not want to ruin your slick undercut hair style, here are the rules to follow:

    1. If this is your first mens undercut, it is better to allow the barber to do it instead of trimming your hair on your own.
    2. An undercut should not be transformed into a tapered cut.
    3. A disconnected undercut line should not be overly smoothed.
    4. Keep your hair atop less than 4″ long to give it a contemporary look.
    5. Guys with extremely curly locks should choose a two-step undercut over a simple one.
    6. Whatever you do, forget about bleaching your slicked back undercut.

    How To Cut The Slicked Back Undercut

    To get an undercut hairstyle right, the cut itself is crucial. Here is how you can achieve it:

    1. Let the hairstylist know whether you want a short or long undercut as well as high or low.
    2. An undercut haircut should be even in length all over your sides and back, as it is performed using the same attachment size.
    3. You may add a trendy touch to your undercut long hair style by going for an undercut fade on the back and sides.
    4. For an added emphasis, you can enhance the look with a line-up and a hard part.
    5. So that you would be able to slick back the hair up top, leave no less than 3″ of length there.

    1. Men with thick hair should go for a layered cut to manage their locks.
    2. Should you have thin hair, let your mane grow at least 4″ long to look ample.
    3. Stock up on a high-quality hair styling product with a textured matte finish, such as clay or wax.


    Slicked Back Undercut Examples

    Of course, our guide would not be informative enough without vivid examples. To help you choose a perfect look, we have selected the most fashionable options below.

    Slick Back Fade

    As a slicked back fade does not have harsh lines or sharp transitions, you can team it with a bold and eye catching beard. For a more high contrast look, you can go for a high undercut fade haircut.

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    Long Slicked Back Hair

    Those who say that to wear your hair slicked back, it should necessarily be short, have not tried to grow it long. A long high fade slick back is an extremely attractive and bold hairstyle. So, you can never go wrong with it.

    Long Slicked Back Hair #slickbackhair #slickedback 3slickedbackhair #slickedbackundercut #undercut

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    Short Slicked Back Hair

    If you have always shied away from long undercut men slicked back hairstyle looks, why not give a try to a short option? While it also appears edgy and bold, it is pretty easy to maintain.

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    Fury Haircut

    When it comes to hairstyles, it is always a good idea to draw inspiration from celebrities. Thus, the Brad Pitt fury haircut will not leave you indifferent. With short undercut sides and a textured top, this stylish hair look will make you feel like a Hollywood star.

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    Slick Back Undercut For Wavy Hair

    No matter what hair type you have, you will still be able to nail an undercut back slicked hairstyle. To emphasize the look, go for a line up along the forehead and temple area.

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    Side Swept Slick Back #slickbackhair #slickedback 3slickedbackhair #slickedbackundercut #undercut

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    Quiff Hard Part #slickbackhair #slickedback 3slickedbackhair #slickedbackundercut #undercut

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    Slick Back Full Beard #slickbackhair #slickedback 3slickedbackhair #slickedbackundercut #undercut

    Disconnected Slick Back #slickbackhair #slickedback 3slickedbackhair #slickedbackundercut #undercut

    Arabic Slicked Back Undercut #undercut #slickedbackundercut #slickback #slickedback #slickbackhair

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    Disconnected Undercut Red Beard #undercut #slickedbackundercut #slickback #slickedback #slickbackhair

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    Disconnected Undercut Full Trimmed Beard #undercut #slickedbackundercut #slickback #slickedback #slickbackhair

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    Medium Length Top #undercut #slickedbackundercut #slickback #slickedback #slickbackhair

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    Red Brown Hair #undercut #slickedbackundercut #slickback #slickedback #slickbackhair

    Two Steps Undercut #undercut #slickedbackundercut #slickback #slickedback #slickbackhair

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    Asian Undercut #undercut #slickedbackundercut #slickback #slickedback #slickbackhair

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    Full Beard With Slicked Back Undercut #undercut #slickedbackundercut #slickback #slickedback #slickbackhair

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    Blonde Long Top #undercut #slickedbackundercut

    Blond Bleached Top #undercut #slickedbackundercut

    Longer Top #undercut #slickedbackundercut

    Medium Hair #undercut #slickedbackundercut

    Silver Hair #undercut #slickedbackundercut

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    Red Hair And Beard #undercut #slickedbackundercut

    Thick Hair #undercut #slickedbackundercut

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    Salt And Pepper #undercut #slickedbackundercut

    Viking #undercut #slickedbackundercut

    Long Black Top #undercut #slickedbackundercut

    The slicked back undercut hairstyle lends your look a formal and classy feel. With clean short sides and lengthy top, it creates the contrast that can’t be left unnoticed. On top of that, with the minimum effort it requires, you’ll get a startling look in five easy steps, which our piecemeal tutorial successfully proves.



    How do you do a slicked back undercut?

    For a slick back hair undercut, follow these steps:
    1. Scoop a blob of hair pomade and rub it between palms to warm up and distribute the product.
    2. Apply the pomade to your locks on top.
    3. Using a narrow tooth comb, comb all of your strands upward.
    4. Comb the hair back. Make sure not to flatten it.
    5. If you need extra hold, apply the pomade to the teeth of the comb first and comb your hair with it once more.
    6. Smooth out any flyaways with your hands.

    How long does your hair have to be for a slicked back undercut?

    To nail a decent undercut slick back hairstyle, make sure the length of your hair is at least 4-6 in. In this way, the top will not fall apart while looking ample and full.

    How do I style my hair slicked back?

    To style slicked back hair men should do the following:
    1. Comb your freshly washed hair, starting from the tips and working your way up toward the roots.
    2. Allow it to dry halfway.
    3. Decide what hair styling product you are going to use.
    4. Depending on the product, apply the required amount to your hair.
    5. Spread it across your strands with your hands.
    6. Comb the hair back until you achieve the desired shape.
    7. Finish off the look with a spritz of a hair spray.

    What should I ask my barber to slick back?

    To get a slick back hairstyle from your barber, tell them that you want the sides and back to be undercut, while the top should be smoothed back.

    What is the best product for slicked back hair?

    To create a perfect men slick back hairstyle, stock up on a quality hair pomade. It allows you to keep the locks in place while leaving them pliable and soft. Besides, water based pomades wash out without effort and can even be brushed out when needed.


    • The undercut is a hairstyle where the hair on the top of the head is long and parted on either the side or center, while the back and sides are buzzed very short. Source