The world of men hair fashion is as unstable as that of women. However, some cuts and styles seem to gain such love and devotions that they remain on the top through the millennia. Even though no one would have guessed that a crop top fade could travel through 2000 years and remain on the top of the list, but that’s the truth. Care to learn more about this intricate haircut to decide whether you can join the ranks of the trendiest folks in the world? Read on to learn more!


    What is a Crop Top Fade?

    So, what is a classy crop top haircut? One of the definitive features of the style is the fringe that resembles the one that Caesar used to wear (or French crop in today’s world). Aside from that, a crop fade is spiced with neat and well-shaved sides and a fashionably styled top. If you wish you could look as cool as King Henry V, then this is a venue to pursue. Yet, these days there are a bunch of variations to consider so that anyone can come up with a suitable personal cut.

    What is a Crop Top Fade? #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    How to Style a Crop Top Fade?

    Once you are set on giving a crop top fade haircut a try, you should be aware of how to style it nicely. Since the style belongs to the category of low-maintenance cuts, it won’t take you long to master the art. All it takes is to use some of your favorite styling products to enhance the texture. Then, you can experiment with the directions that you style the cut so that you look differently on a regular basis, without dramatic changes involved. The looks presented below will serve as a source of inspiration, even for the pickiest of you.

    Textured Crop Top Fade

    The most elegant and the strictest at the same time, the crop top taper can be transformed into something a little edgier with as much as high fade. While the convenient and stylish look deserves attention, you should be ready to trim it regularly.

    Textured Crop Top Fade #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Crop Top Low Fade

    Low crop top fade belongs to those timeless and stylish looks that can suit any style and persona. On the scale of formal to casual style, you can find room to fit the low fade crop top in.

    Crop Top Low Fade #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Crop Top Mid Fade

    If you want to mix a manly beard with a stylish short cut, then a mid fade crop top comes right in, knocking on your top. It is slightly less reserved than a low taper crop top, and the disconnected beard brings in that daring vibe into the look. Many men are utterly fond of the style.

    Crop Top Mid Fade #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Ideal Bang

    Since fringe is one of the primary elements of the famous crop top hairstyle, you should be ready to experiment with it. It helps to consult the barber if the bangs will go well with your face shape. For the most part – they do, but there are exceptions to watch out for so that you can enjoy your crop top hair cut to the fullest.

    Ideal Bang #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Short Crop Top Fade

    Short crop top fade is one of the main go-to’s among busy men who lead an active life.

    Given mid croptop fade showcases some aggressive vibe to it, so it may not be a great idea of short haircuts for men to bring it into a business environment not to intimidate your colleagues.

    Short Crop Top Fade #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Curly Crop

    There is an ongoing debate as to whether the messy crop top is an excellent idea to pursue. One look at this gorgeous crop top hair, and you will have all the answers in front of you. The gentler touch to the style can’t but appeal to many!

    Curly Crop #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Long Crop Top Fade

    One of the primary privileges of crop top taper fade is the fact that you can experiment with the lengths of the tops until you come up with the most satisfactory option. As you can see, this textured crop top with extended hair looks marvelous. However, it may take some styling effort to achieve the look.

    Long Crop Top Fade #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Spiky Texture

    Some men who are head over heels about all types of edgy haircuts claim that a taper crop top fade isn’t daring enough. But, at the same time, all it takes is a bit of styling effort to end up with such an ultra-stylish spiky taper crop top.

    Spiky Texture #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Waves & Bald Fade

    It is hard to achieve an outstanding contrast with a crop top with mid taper, but there are many other variations to consider if that is your goal. For instance, a wavy crop top with a bold fade looks utterly dramatic yet somehow reserved.

    Waves & Bald Fade #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Asymmetrical Layers

    Some people claim that a crop top mid taper looks the same on every guy, but that is not nearly accurate. You can easily ask the barber to adorn your taper fade crop top with asymmetrical layers that are noticeable and call it a deal!

    Asymmetrical Layers #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Red Drop Fade

    Crop top drop fade may hardly be considered as something out of the ordinary. It is neat and fashionable. However, what makes this drop fade crop top stand out is its vibrant shade and seamless interaction with the beard.

    Red Drop Fade #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Crop Top Fade For Thin Hair

    The experts have it that if you have thin hair, it is best to keep away from a crop top low taper. Yet, the style you can and should pursue would be a high or mid fade.

    Crop Top Fade For Thin Hair #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Bleached Crop

    You can show off your edgy crop top high taper with ease, but there is a way to take it to the next level. All it takes is to bleach the crop. Would you dare to take the chance?

    Bleached Crop #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Disheveled And Asymmetrical Top

    There is always a lot of room for some messiness when you are working with a high taper crop top. So, you can allow the top to grow out while keeping the sides neatly trimmed for as long as you feel comfortable.

    Disheveled And Asymmetrical Top #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    Short & Clean

    Those of you who are interested in a business look with a crop top fade involved may use this idea the next time you are headed to a barbershop.

    Short & Clean #croptop #croptopfade #croppedhaircut

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    What is a crop top fade?

    Crop top fade is one of the classiest male short haircuts that men all over the globe praise for practicality and versatility. The short top and even shorter sides with an undercut or fade glow with style and can suit the strictest dress code. In addition, a well-trimmed fringe ensures that your cut is distinguishable and modern.

    What haircut does Tommy Shelby have?

    If you are a fan of Tommy Shelby’s, you must crave to replicate his icon look. The haircut that he sports is no other style but a well-defined short textured crop top fade.