Step into the world of classic grooming and timeless elegance with MensHaircuts’ ultimate guide to the enduring style of the Crew Cut. As guardians of style and advocates for versatility, we invite you on a journey through the features, tips, and contemporary adaptations of this iconic short haircut. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to men’s grooming, this comprehensive article is your passport to understanding, achieving, and mastering the art of the Crew Cut. A crew cut became popular in the 1950s as many military men were required to trim their hair to shorter lengths.


    “This cut can be used on any hair type and texture. The crew cut doesn’t need any particular shape face to still look very trendy, and is best paired with a low skin fade and focused texture on top.”  – says Keri Blue, short hair artist and founder of Human First UK.

    We highly recommend opting for some styling products: for a polished look take shiny pomade,  to accentuate the natural texture of your hair, and employ the product without any sheen. Choose styling products that complement your hair type, or seek assistance from your barber.

    Traditional Crew Cut

    What is A Crew Cut? #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    If you are looking for something simple, elegant, classy, and low-maintained, the crew cut is just what you need. This short haircut for men would be highly praised among business people as it saves a huge amount of time and, let’s not cut corners, money. You save on styling it in the morning, on styling products themselves, and on visits to the barbershop; it’s a real savior!


    Spiked Crew

    Spiked Crew #crewcut #crewcutmen


    Do you strive for a neat and smart hairstyle? Regard the short spiky hair men adore wearing after Chris Evans popularized it. To get the most of your short spiky hair, use a fine-tooth comb and a strong pomade. You can have your sides either faded or undercut; the spiky hair suits any framing.

    Matty Conrad – “The Coolest Barber on Instagram” by GQ Magazine:

    ”My buddy wanted something shorter for the summer but also loves how my cuts look “lived in”.
    This one was a fun challenge I left a bit more length on top when I cut the shape and texturized it down to appear shorter but still have lots of choppiness and personality.”

    Short Crew Cut

    Short Crew Cut Bald Fade#crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    Those guys who are leaning toward extremely short haircuts can get a mens crew cut too. Just make sure your hair is noticeably shorter on the sides and back while the top is textured and defined. The look turns out bold and edgy, so you can never go wrong with it.


    Crew Cut Fade

    Crew Cut Fade #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    It’s a known fact that a fade is an awesome addition to basically any hairstyle is no exception. The type of fade doesn’t really matter, as they all work great for such a cut. Get the one that you fall for or ask your barber for the expert advice.

    Zach Ramsey – hair stylist, Fraktelny barbershop owner, recommends:

    “a feather razored fringe technique is highly effective for a solid dense fringe but with a natural finish at the edge for a more lived in look.”

    Long Crew Cut

    Long Crew Cut #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    A long crew cut is your surefire way to go. You can then style the top brushed to the side, pushed back or side parted, depending on your preference and the ambiance your hairstyle should fit. Plus, you can always turn it into a more casual look.


    Crew Cut No Fade

    Crew Cut No Fade #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    While a fade is a common attribute of a crew cut, it is not necessary. You can always get a taper instead for a softer look or even trim your hair a uniform length if you are into rather low key crew cut haircuts.

    High Fade Crew Cut

     High Fade Crew Cut #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    A fade crew cut is pretty versatile. As such, you can easily choose a suitable look depending on the impact you want your haircut to have. This cut offers you much contrast and boldness, which will take your mane to the spotlight and make you stand out in the crowd.

    Who does a crew cut suit?

    How often should I get a crew cut?

    Mid Fade Crew Cut

    Mid Fade #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    A faded medium crew cut is the golden mean between a high and low crew cut fades. It is universally flattering and practical. Also, it is a timeless hair look, so you will always be in fashion with it. For some emphasis and definition, you can enhance your textured crew cut with a hair product.

    Low Fade Crew Cut

     Low Fade Crew Cut #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    When getting a crew cut short fade haircut is an essential accompaniment to it. It helps you to make your haircut more pronounced. But, if you do not want to make the difference in length too striking, consider going for a low fade cut. It also works perfectly as a military crew cut fade.


    High And Tight Inspired

    High And Tight Inspired #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    For fashion-savvy men, there are no boundaries in terms of mixing various hairstyles. Take a classic High and Tight Cut and get it in a crew-cut manner. We have no doubts that the result will come to your exquisite taste.

    Fresh Waves

    Fresh Waves #crewcut #crewcutmen


    You choose to look sweet and gentle instead of brutal and rough? Then add some waves to your crew cut hairstyle. Leave the sides buzzed short and shift the entire accent to the top hair. This is the kind of wavy hair men choose very rarely, which is too bad though as it looks exceptionally touching!

    Slicked Back Crew Cut

    Slicked Back Crew Cut #crewcut #crewcutmen


    If you want to bring a dose of elegance to your hairstyle, ask the barber for a longer cut on top so that you could wear it slicked back. This is also a cool way to take your locks away from your face in case you generally prefer to sport them falling over your forehead.


    Brushed Up Top

    Brushed Up Top #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcuts #shorthaircutsformen


    Quiff hairstyle is what will help you to achieve this appealing look. It is also a great solution for guys with a sparse or thinning mane. This cut allows you to create an impression of an abundance of locks and disguise a receding hairline. To pull it off, just grab your favorite blow drier and apply a dollop of a hair styling product beforehand.

    Rounded Bang

    Traditional Crew Cut #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcuts #shorthaircutsformen


    The Crew Cut with rounded Bangs is a classic hairstyle that combines the clean, short sides and back of a crew cut with a front section featuring rounded, slightly longer bangs, adding a touch of softness and versatility to the overall look.

    Crew Cut With A Surgical Line

    Crew Cut With A Surgical Line #crewcut #crewcutmen


    This is the sort of a complex haircut as it combines surgical lines, a skin fade, and a thick texture. The hard part fade starts with a strong and dramatic accent on the long top hair, which is also accentuated by the buzzed hairline between the pomp and the surgical line. Remember to use some trusty pomade or wax for this haircut.


    Side Swept Crew Cut

    Side Swept Hair #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcuts #shorthaircutsformen


    Grow the hair on the top of your head long. Brush your top hair to one side and secure it with a strong hold styling product. As you focus the whole attention on your pomp, a crew cut fade on the sides will be more than enough.

    Flat Top

    Flat Top #crewcut #crewcutmen


    The flat top, also known as the flatbed head style, is a very smooth and brushed haircut. Its main feature is voluminous pomp combed in a very thorough and sleek way. To make your flat top hair geometrically defined, add a part to your most appealing side.

    Military Crew Cut

    True Military #crewcut #crewcutmen


    To get it right, employ the clipper with two different guard sizes and buzz cut the top of your head longer and the sides and the back shorter. The traditional military haircut is the refined specimen of the stylish, canny and comfy hair look.


    Textured Crew Cut

    Textured Crew Cut #crewcut #crewcutmen


    Chop the layers on the top evenly, which will add some density and action to the hairstyle. As regards the sides, a low fade will be just perfect. And don’t forget not to use anything shiny on the top, it will ruin the texture hair has. Just add some matte pomade or wax and that’s it.

    Curly Crew Cut

    Curly Crew Cut #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    A crew cut doesn’t have any exceptions in terms of hair type or face shape. If you have curly locks and want to turn them into a trendy yet neat hairstyle, a crewcut is a way to go. Pair it with a bald fade on the sides to keep the focus on the textured top.

    Fuzzy Crew Cut

    Fuzzy Crew Cut #crewcut #crewcutmen


    For guys who don’t like to spend much time on styling and prefer more textured and messy hairstyles, a fuzzy cut is a perfect option. Besides, you can go for it if you have thinning or inherently thin hair.


    Clean Crew Cut

    Clean Crew Cut #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    A blunt fringe is a very nice accompaniment to your cut. Add a feathered top and a high skin fade and you’ll get a very clean and dapper hairstyle that perfectly works both for a night out with your fellas and a business meeting with your boss.

    Tapered Crew Cut

    Tapered Crew Cut #crewcut #crewcutmen


    Simplicity is always on trend. If you don’t want to be overly creative or aren’t just into intricate hairstyles, turn to a utilitarian cut. Get the hair on top evenly trimmed all around your head. Couple it with a high fade, and it won’t look that plain anymore.

    Tousled Crew

    Tousled Crew #crewcut #crewcutmen


    To get such a hairstyle, first, you’ll need to grow out your hair on top of the head a bit. Then, you can push it up and tousle for a daring and ruffian look. The sides though can be faded or tapered, which will add more contrast to the style.


    Disconnected Haircut

    Disconnected Haircut #crewcut #crewcutmen


    When it comes to trendy hairstyles, you can’t go wrong with boldness. Disconnect the tapered sides from the longish top with a shaved in line that goes along your head. This clean-cut hairstyle comes out amazing with a clean-shaved face.

    Silver Crew Cut

    Silver Crew Cut #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    A crew cut is a hairstyle that perfectly fits not only into any ambiance but also into any age and social status. Thus, when your locks gain a silver touch, it’s not the reason to refrain from this popular hairstyle.

    Short Ivy League

    Short Ivy League #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    If you want to sport a crew cut but would like to make it less daring, then this short variation of an Ivy League haircut is your way to go. With its short sides and relatively long top, it still creates enough contrast to look edgy.


    Faux Hawk

    Faux Hawk Top #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    This take on a faux hawk looks moderate yet trendy. It can be pulled off to fit any situation. To recreate the style, the hair on the sides should be trimmed. For a sleeker appearance, you may fade it. The top locks should be pushed up and secured with a spritz of a hair spray.

    Faded Line Up

    Faded Line Up #crewcut #crewcutmen


    The popular crew cut low fade look has never been so edgy! The smooth faded touch nicely accentuates the moderately shaped and texturized top, finishing the classic look with a modern twist at the temples.

    Modern Crew Cut

    Modern Crew Cut #crewcut #crewcutmen


    There are whole lotta ways to visually accentuate and define crew cuts. Why not go simple and striking at once, then? The tight skin fade will push your top to the spotlight, creating an awesome contrast and making your simple cut speak loud.


    Messy Waves + Disconnected Undercut

    Messy Waves + Disconnected Undercut #crewcut #crewcutmen


    The men’s crew cut can adapt to any lifestyle, hair type, and image. Want to embrace your natural wave while keeping the look neat? This is where the disconnected undercut comes in to join your crew and add a great modern feel to the dapper wavy look.

    Haircut Design

    Haircut Design #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    The crew cut men from all around the globe sport like one is so popular for one simple reason: it allows for customizations. And here’s one of the endless ways how you can create your unique signature crew-cut hair look with a shaved design over the fade.

    Medium Crew Cut

    Medium Crew Cut #crewcut #crewcutmen


    The all-time crew cut no-fade is the universal soldier that will keep your look clean, professional, and stylish enough wherever you are, be it a business meeting, a casual party or a beer night with your fellas.


    Low Fade Crew Cut

    Low Fade Crew Cut #crewcut #crewcutmen


    For an added oomph and sophistication, choose growing out over cutting crew cuts. The sides can be buzzed or faded, while a couple of inches on the top will allow for the iconic swept-back look. In fact, that’s your guy for special occasions!

    Blonde Messy Spikes

    Blonde Messy Spikes #crewcut #crewcutmen


    What makes short male haircuts stand out is the burst of color that men go for today! If you’re not into bright hues but want to make a statement, a whitish or pale blonde hue with messy spikes on your cut will do the trick.

    Crew Cut Mid Fade

    Crew Cut Mid Fade #crewcut #crewcutmen


    Speaking of colors, more and more gents are taking a plunge into dramatic palettes! Here, besides a bold pink hue, the cut is individualized with buzzed sides that put the top in the spotlight and enhance the dramatic color play.


    Scissor Cut With Beard

    Scissor Cut With Beard #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    The beauty of military hairstyles lies in its power to reveal the pure masculinity of a man with a simple structure. Pair the buzz-inspired cut with your full beard to balance out the look and breathe new character into it.

    Crew Cut With Beard

    Crew Cut With Beard #crewcut #crewcutmen


    When done right, the freshly invented beardstache look can enhance the masculinity bursting inside you. Make sure to keep the balance between the fullness of your stache and the density of your stubble.

    Messy Crew Cut

    Messy Crew Cut #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    Even though a crew cut haircut is quite short, it does not mean that you cannot style it messy. If you want to give off a carefree and effortless vibe with your hair look, then feel free to tousle your locks on top with a tad of a hair styling product.


    Short Quiff

    #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    The Crew Cut with quiff blends the classic precision of a crew cut with the contemporary style of a quiff, featuring short sides and back with a voluminous and swept-up front.

    Clean Brush Up

    Crew Cut Definition #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    The Brush Up merges the structured neatness of a traditional crew with the modern flair of a brushed-up front, creating a versatile and stylish hairstyle characterized by short sides and back and a lifted textured top.

    Uneven Bang

    Short Crew Cut #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcutformen


    This is a contemporary variation of the traditional cut, featuring a short length on the sides and back while incorporating a front section with intentionally uneven or choppy bangs, adding a hint of edginess and personality to the style.


    Color & Design

    Get The Right Crew Cut #crewcut #menscrewcut #crewcuts #shorthaircutsformen


    This is a bold and modern hairstyle that incorporates a vibrant yellow color on top, styled classically, accentuated with intricate line designs shaved into the sides, adding a unique and eye-catching element to the overall look.

    Basic Cutting Technique

    Despite the convenience of at-home cuts, a crew cut requires skill and knowledge of taper haircut and fade haircut techniques. Before you start clipping away, determine the overall shape and length of the finished style. This will help you plan what clipper guards you’ll use, and where to start fading the style.

    1. Begin cutting the sides with clippers and stop no higher than the temples. If you’ve decided you want a faded cut, you’ll want to gradually increase the clipper guard size as you work.
    2. Once the sides are finished you’ll begin cutting the top of the style. Leave the bang area longer and gradually shorten the length as you move to the back of the head.
    3. After the top of the crew cut and the sides are complete, use a blending come and snip any longer pieces to ensure an even style throughout.
    4. Use hair wax or pomade to lift up the top and sweep it back.

    Get The Right Crew Cut

    A crew cut is always going to be longer in the front. This means if you have any natural wave or cowlicks in this area, they’ll work right in to the look. How long you keep the front is entirely up to you, but to get a classic crew cut, ideally, you’ll want at least 1/1/2 to 2 inches to work with. The cut will graduate to a much shorter length at the back which helps push the front up into its signature pomp shape.


    Crew Cut Tips

    Do you want some ploys to create the crew cuts that make the heads turn? Here you go:

    1. Get your neckline tapered off. This will make your look much neater and fresher.
    2. To intensify the tidiness of your hairstyle, avoid wearing a beard and long sideburns.
    3. If you want your crew haircut to appear less rigid, leave your hair on top a little longer and give it a disheveled look.
    4. Keep in mind that the length of the hair is directly proportional to the ease of styling as well as the complexity of maintenance.

    FAQs: Crew Cut

    Are Crew Cuts attractive?

    You can rest assured that a crew cut looks extremely attractive. At it is short on the sides and back as well as long on top, it creates a bold and high-contrast appearance, taking your masculine facial features to the center stage.

    How long is a crew cut on top?

    To pull off a crew cut, it is enough to leave hair on top long enough to create a short pompadour.

    What do I tell my barber for a crew cut?

    Ideally, your barber should understand what haircut you mean when referring to a crew cut. However, just in case, specify how long you want your hair to be on the top and the sides. Also, tell them if you want a faded, tapered or regular cut on the sides.

    Can I pull off a crew cut?

    Arguably, it is possible to pull off any haircut when you have the right attitude and a crew cut is no exception.

    Is crew cut good for thinning hair?

    Indeed, crew cuts are a great way to disguise a receding hairline or thinning hair, as they shift attention from your mane to your face.


    • A crew cut is a type of haircut in which the upright hair on the top of the head is cut relatively short… Source
    • A crew cut is a short men’s hairstyle, with shorter sides and longer top. Source