Short curly hairstyles have envious texture, but apparently difficult to manage in the age of short, cropped hair. This is a popular misconception. Are you wondering, what is the best haircut for curly hair? We certainly have the answers.


    Today, elements like undercuts and fades are wildly popular. This rather historic hairstyle has returned with a vengeance and serves curly hair surprisingly well. What are the best curly hairstyles for men? Since you asked, neat styles that are shorter on the sides provide a clean palette on which curly tops can rest.

    Working within these parameters, you can keep several inches of luscious curls and create shapes according to your facial structure. Tall texture, blowouts, and even mullets make attractive short haircuts for curly hair. Let us prove it by taking a look at our trendy styles below.

    Prior to examining the Short Curly Hairstyles of the current year, it’s advisable to peruse the insights how to style your hair from Piers Le Moignan, founder of “Salt Grooming” hair care products:

    “Curly hair is a unique and eye-catching style that many men are beginning to embrace. In the past five years, 42% more males had curly hair, according to a 2,000-person survey. Due to its structure, bounce, and inclination to frizz or lose shape throughout the day, men’s curly hair is difficult to style. It takes practice to develop amazing curl styles that last all day without looking oily or weighted down by product. Hydration, blow drying, shaping, diffusers, and scrunching are essential for success.”

    Undercut Fade With Textured Curls

    Undercut men hairstyles are catching on with men of every generation and age. It is a great way to add height while making your face look slenderer. Ask for an undercut fade with shaved sides and back to showcase your curls. Use pomade for volume and texture. A hip undercut is a perfect way to rock curly hairstyles for short hair.

    Undercut Fade With Textured Curls #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen



    Super Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

    A polished skin fade, like the one shown here, is a great look if you are looking for a short textured hair look. Add some texturizer on short hair to boost the curls and add dimension. Pair it with a nicely trimmed beard to balance it out.

    Super Short Curly Hairstyles For Men #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Ivan Zoot
    Expertise: Barbering, Hair Combs
    What's the best way to style curly hair? Easy does it. Curly hair is a gift... A gift of time. You can save a ton of time spent on styling. Gently towel dry your hair (blot, do not rub, rubbing damages and frizzes hair). Apply a generous glop of medium hold styling gel. Use a wide toothed comb (your hand) to distribute the gen throughout your hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally.

    Modern Short Textured Quiff

    A quiff hairstyle is one that is combed upward and back from the front of your head. Quiff hair looks especially good with very short curly hairstyles.

    To style, a modern quiff, ask for either shaved or very short hair on the sides and back. Undercuts and fades are also a great way to sport a trendy quiff.

    Modern Short Textured Quiff #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen



    Side Part And Undercut

    Get your curly hair ultimate definition by complementing it with a side part and an undercut fade. This combo will create a sharp and edgy look without sacrificing the texture of your locks. The fade can be high or low, bald or regular, depending on what kind of lifestyle you have.

    Side Part And Undercut Fade #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Brushed Back Thick Hair

    If in addition to being curly your hair is extremely thick, then you should necessarily take advantage of it and show it off. Do not chop a lot of hair off rather pulling it together by brushing it all back. This style allows for a hair design of any level of difficulty, so do not limit your imagination.

    Brushed Back Thick Hair #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen



    Square Short Curly Haircut

    With curls men look in the spotlight no matter how they style or cut their locks. However, if they are looking for unique and unusual curly hair styles men can opt for a short haircut with a square silhouette. One of the best things about it, apart from being attention grabbing, is that it suits almost any face shape.

    #shortcurlyhairmen #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstylesSquare Short Curly Haircut


    Messy Short Curly Hairstyles

    Messy hairstyles men is always a great way to wear curly hair for men, especially short wavy hair. Ask for an undercut in the back as well as on the sides with all of the length left on the top. Use a good curling product and tousle your hair in a messy, carefree style.

    Messy Short Curly Hairstyles #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Curly Hair Taper

    For curly hair low taper is a surefire way to create a contrasty yet moderate hairstyle. But even though a low fade with curly hair is a match made in heaven, you can take it up a notch by adorning it with a hair design. The pattern depends on your imagination and the skill level of your barber.

    #shortcurlyhairmen #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstylesCurly Hair Taper



    Drop Fade Curly Hair

    To complement short curly hairstyles men have several options with a fade being one of the most popular. It makes your style ultimately clean, taking the top to the center of attention. For a curly top fade, you are free to choose any fade type. And if you cannot decide, you can never go wrong with a drop fade.

    #shortcurlyhairmen #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstylesDrop Fade Curly Hair


    Professional Curls

    High-volume curls can be a challenge to tame. This professional curl style focuses on gorgeous texture on the top of the head while cutting hair close at the temples.

    Short curly hair men styles should work with the overall face shape for optimal elongation of the facial features. Rounded curls are ideal for oval face shapes with a medium-to-narrow chin.

    Flowy Fringe with Short Sides #fringehaircut #fringebangs #mensfringe


    Faded Sides And Slicked Back Top

    Fade haircuts are also an excellent way to showcase curly men’s hair. A fade haircut with closely shaved sides and back, with all of the length on the top will grant your hair more depth, volume, and texture. All you need to style it is a good pomade and a hairdryer.

    Faded Sides And Slicked Back Top #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen



    Short Curly Hairstyles With Faded Undercut

    Curly hairstyles for men have no limits. You can mix a long top, undercut and fade in one hairstyle and end up with a bold and swanky look. To get the most out of your curly undercut, ensure the ringlets on top are bouncy and ample.

    Short Curly Hairstyles With Faded Undercut #shortcurlyhairstylesformen #mensshortcurlyhair #curlyhairmen


    Modern 50s Greaser Hairstyles

    Greaser’s hair has re-emerged as a cool modern men’s hairstyles for bad boys and hipsters. This hairstyle was born in the 1950s under the influence of youth culture. If you wanna look like Elvis Presley, greaser hair – it’s your choice! But don’t forget to use an oil-based pomade in order to receive a slick look for your curls.

    Super Cool 50s Greaser Hairstyles #shortcurlyhairmen #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles


    Brushed Up Curly Hair

    Another trendy look for men’s curly hair is the brush-up hairstyle. It is similar to spiked hair and is a great way to show off your curly hair.

    To style your hair, wash and towel dry your hair, but leave it slightly damp. Then distribute pomade evenly throughout your hair. Comb or brush your hair upward, styling as you would if you were spiking it. However, give it a more disheveled look which will add a lot of texture. Then allow it to dry naturally or blow dry it.

    Brushed Up Curly Hairstyle #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen



    Short Taper Fade Curls

    Curly hairstyles for natural hair will never go out of style. Ask for a close-shaved fade on the sides and back. The length on the top adds texture and height to natural hairstyles.

    Short Taper Fade Curls #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Beach Waves

    Beach waves are another fabulous style for men with short curly hairstyles. If you are wondering how to get beach waves done – it’s very simple. All you need to do is spray your hair generously with sea salt spray, style it as you wish and let it air dry. Try not to over style it though. Generally, running your fingers through your hair will give you that beachy wave style which will make all the ladies stop and stare when you walk by.

    Beach Waves #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Symmetrical Hair

    When it comes to wondering how to make your hair curly men are usually at a loss. But we happen to know a couple of secrets which will save the day! If you want to really show off your curls, spritz your hair with sea salt spray while it is wet and then blow-dry it, first with hot hair and then with cold to maximize the volume and texture. Sea salt spray is the best way to help you learn how to style short curly hair men. Use your fingers to get it to look piecey and to add some more depth and texture.

    Symmetrical Hair With Textured Curls #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Curly Hair With Disconnected Undercut And Color

    Disconnected undercuts are ideal for short curly hairstyles. These hair styles are trendy among hairstyles for short to medium natural hair. This hair style will offset the full curly length on the top while giving you a very hip style.

    Curly Hair With Disconnected Undercut #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Bald Fade Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

    Looking for a stylish taper fade haircut? How about this trendy taper fade texture? The shorter sides will enhance the length on the top and will show off your curls.

    Taper Fade Short Curly Hairstyles For Men #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Classic Short Curls

    One of the coolest haircuts for curly hair is the long top short sides one. It allows you to show off your ringlets without keeping an excessive length. To add some extra texture and hold to your locks, apply a hair styling product, like a hair wax or mousse. As an example of clean modern haircuts, it can be complemented with a full beard and a long mustache.

    Classic Curly Top #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen



    Tight Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

    If you don’t feel like going too long on top but still want to have it tapered you’re welcome to do so. Short curly hair styles with taut and kinky tops come out dashing yet classy, especially accentuated with a curly hair fade.

    Tight Short Curly Hairstyles For Men #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Rocker Locks

    Modern haircuts can become the reflection of your inner self. If you want to show off your inclination into the rocker side with one of the short curly hairstyles but still keep a civil tongue in your head, shave off your sides and nape while leaving the stripe of hair on top relatively long. Your layered curly hair won’t let this haircut look too savage.

    Rocker Locks #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Textured Crop Curly Hairstyles

    If you feel like your naturally wavy hair is in good shape today, don’t go with too much product. The majority of curly haircuts look amazing with a little or no styling. Just rake the hair on top of your head with your fingers to brush it a bit and you’re free to go. Such mens short haircuts don’t require much effort while looking like you’ve spent a lot of time and energy styling them.

    Textured Crop Curly Hairstyles #shortcurlyhairmen #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles



    The Front Curly Hairstyles For Men

    Curly hair bangs can be really favorable to you, especially, if you want to accentuate your overall appearance, making it more interesting or even mysterious. In addition, short curly hairstyles with bangs allow you to hide the expansive forehead. One of the ways how to style curly hair on top is to grow the strands so long that they would reach the level of your eyes. The sides can be shaved off or medium-cut to showcase your hair texture even more.

    The Front Curly Hairstyles For Men #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Curly Bowl

    Don’t shy away from the bowl cut. With the right attitude, it can be a staple of short curly haircuts. Even though such men hairstyles may look like a mushroom cap, they will be highly appreciated by true connoisseurs of trendy and stylish coiffure.

    Curly Bowl #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Curls With Undercut And Design

    Can you think of the better way to enhance the splendor of your wiry hair than to have one of the short curly hairstyles undercut? Personally, we don’t. When you have your sides and back trimmed short, the whole focus moves to the curly hairstyles atop, which automatically gives them much more attention than before. Such haircuts are the perfect choice for curly hair men who don’t like a lot of hassle with styling, as you can basically run your fingers through the top section of the hair and you’re done.

    Curls With Undercut #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen



    Slick Back Curls

    In case you are about to attend a formal event and you want your hair to look its absolute best, consider a slicked back style. To achieve it, you will need to apply a generous amount of a hair styling product and brush your locks back with a hairbrush. This will create soft waves on your head, which look elegant and polished.

    Slick Back Curls #shortcurlyhairmen #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles


    Wet Layered Tousled Curls

    Another solution for curly hair are hairstyles for wet hair. These tend to work best on layered curly hair. Ask your barber for short sides and back with layers on the top.

    To style it well, apply a curling mousse to your damp hair, scrunching as you blow dry it to achieve loose and relaxed waves. Finish it off with a texturizing product.

    Wet Layered Tousled Curls #shortcurlyhairmen #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles


    All Over Curls

    Because your kinks already have quite a defined structure, all you need to do it to give them a proper cut and you are good to go. As curly locks have a tendency to look unkempt at times, just trim your hair all over the head to make it of equal length.

    All Over Curls #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen



    Wet & Short Curly Hair

    Any short haircuts for curly hair can look startling when tapered. This hairstyle features longer hair on top with shorter bangs around the head. Don’t forget about the trusty hair styler to tame frizziness and unruly ringlets.

    Tapered Short Curly Hair #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Male Perm

    Those who are looking for an easy yet classy hairstyle for their curly tresses should take a closer look at faded haircuts. They allow you to provide your perm men hairstyles with a neat and clean appearance while accentuating your structured hair type. Depending on the impression you want your style to give, you can choose from a sheer variety of fade types, from a reserved low regular to sharp high skin fade.

    Male Perm #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen

    Undercut Curly Hair Fade

    Undercuts make cool hairstyles for curly hair. They provide a simple way to wear curly hair without overpowering your facial features. This curls faded undercut is even separated by a line-up that adds further polish to your locks.

    These curls are cut rather short, but a faded undercut allows more room for longer curl growth at the top of the head.

    Undercut Curly Hair Fade #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair



    Angular Hairstyle With Curly Bang

    Short curly hair with bangs haircut is very stylish. If you want to duplicate this look for curly hair with bangs, apply pomade to damp hair. Tousle your hair and then use a round brush to gather the top of your hair in whatever direction you wish to angle it. Blow dry it in an upward motion with the brush. Finish it off with hair wax for the perfect curly bangs style.

    Angular Hairstyle With Curly Bang #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Tangled Curly Style

    Sporting tangled hairstyles is actually quite beneficial for curly hair men, as they allow you to tame your unruly locks while pulling off an effortless and stylish look. Of course, this is not the hairstyle you get once you’re awake. It will require you some styling with the help of a hair styling product and maybe even a tool. Though, the final result, which is a careless and breezy hairstyle with a highly defined texture, fully pays off.

    Tangled Curly Style #shortcurlyhairstylesformen #mensshortcurlyhair #curlyhairmen


    Messy Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

    Here’s another short messy hairstyle to keep your curly locks tamed. Push all of the hair together upward so that it would have a dome-shaped look. Dishevel the curls with your hands covered in a hair styling product while twisting the ends a bit with the fingers for a more textured impression.

    Messy Short Curly Hairstyles For Men #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhairmen #shortcurlyhair



    Heavy Angular Fringe

    Thanks to your intricate hair texture, a classic fringe easily gains a fresh turn. Curly fringe looks heavier than the straight one, so why not take advantage of it and make the frontal section of your hair the focal point of the whole look? For an added stylishness and flair, push the fringe to the side so that it looks angular.

    Heavy Angular Fringe #shortcurlyhairmen #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles


    Curly Drop Fade

    What else can help you to keep the focus on your hair texture is all sorts of fades. Complement your look with a drop fade on the sides and back while leaving the hair on the top of your head longish. This hairstyle comes out very contrasty and bold. So, you need not worry that it will go unnoticed.

    Curly Drop Fade #shortcurlyhairmen #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles


    Extra Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

    Even when being extra short, curly hair doesn’t lose its attractiveness and sophistication. Instead, it gains more sharpness and definition. On top of that, with such a short cut, you’ll gain low maintenance and easy to style hair look that you will not want to switch for something else anytime soon.

    Extra Short Curly Hairstyles For Men #shortcurlyhairmen #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles



    Messy Mohawk

    To tame your locks and give them a defined shape, go for one of short on sides long on top hairstyles. A mohawk is one of those cuts that look both neat and stylish, especially when pulled off on a curly mane. If you want to give it a bit of a casual feel, style the top of your hair in a messy way with a blob of a hair styling product.

    Messy Mohawk #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair


    Short Sides Long Top

    One of the easiest yet most flattering short curly hairstyles for men is a short sides long top. To get it, you need to chop off your hair on the sides so that it would be noticeably shorter than the locks on top, which you can afterward style in any way you like, from messy to sleek.

    Short Sides Long Top #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair


    Curly Fringe Men

    The curly fringe for men is a captivating twist on short curly hairstyles, adding a dash of personality and flair. This style features a shorter length on the sides with a gradual transition into longer curls at the front, creating a distinctive fringe. The result is a playful and dynamic look that embraces the natural texture of curly hair. The curly fringe not only highlights the individuality of each curl but also provides a trendy and fashion-forward edge to short hairstyles for men. It’s a fantastic choice for those looking to make a statement with their locks while keeping the charm of manageable and stylish short curls.

    Curly Fringe Men #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair



    Blonde Brushed Up And Back Curls

    This hairstyle is for really fashion-forward guys who are not afraid to take on current trends. Even though curly hair already looks quite eye-catching, you can make it stand out even more by dyeing your locks blonde. To accentuate your strong sense of style, you can wear your curls brushed back.

    Blonde Brushed Back Curls #shortcurlyhairstylesformen #mensshortcurlyhair #curlyhairmen


    Blowout Short Curly Hairstyles

    As in most cases, curly hair has enough volume and thickness, you can easily pull off a blowout hairstyle. Just enlist the help of a hairdryer after you have washed your locks and create this ample hairstyle with a dollop of a hair styling product.

    Blowout Short Curly Hairstyles #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhairmen #shortcurlyhair


    Quiff Top

    Arguably, no other hair structure can give you such a textured and defined quiff as curly. Although it looks intricate and detailed, it will not take you much time or effort to style it. Some sort of a hair styling product with a matte finish and no other tools but your hand are more than enough.

    Quiff Top #shortcurlyhairstylesformen #mensshortcurlyhair #curlyhairmen



    Layered Tapers

    Layering can give a body and dimension to any hairstyle. When your locks are curly, it can also help you to keep them in order. To pull off the look, ask your barber to taper your hair in different levels of layers and show you a couple of styling ways so that you could create saucy hairstyles yourself.

    Layered Tapers #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhairmen #shortcurlyhair


    Choppy Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

    To show off your hair texture, you should turn to cropped cuts. They help to keep the focus on the top of your head and create enough contrast to make your tight curls pop. For an added touch of style, you can get the sides faded and complement the look with a surgical line on the side.

    Choppy Short Curly Hairstyles For Men #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair


    Cropped Top

    Despite the fact that curly hair does not require additional emphasis, there is no such thing as too much boldness for you. Thus, you can play around not only with your hairstyle but also with the cropped of your locks. To make them look voluminous, add texture to the curls on the top of your head.

    Croped Top #shortcurlyhairstylesformen #mensshortcurlyhair #curlyhairmen



    Deep Side Parted Curls

    A side part haircut is another cool way to show off short curly hairstyles. Side parts date back as far as the Roaring Twenties and are making a huge splash for those who want more of a retro style with a modern flair.

    To style this side part haircut, find out which way your hair parts naturally and then work from there. Use curling mousse to give your hair more texture and body.

    Deep Side Parted Curls #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair


    Hard Part For Short Curly Hairstyles

    A hard part haircut is one that divides the hair into two sections. It generally goes in line with your hair’s natural part. This hard part cut with a fade is a perfect way to show off your thick curly hair. A pomade will add depth and texture to this sleek and sexy look.

    Hard Part For Short Curly Hairstyles #shortcurlyhairstylesformen #mensshortcurlyhair #curlyhairmen


    Textured Curly Undercut

    If you want to kill two birds with one stone, then you should strive to accentuate your curls with both a proper cut and styling. Hence, get an undercut on the sides to make your top a focal point of the whole look and enhance the texture of your locks with a hair styling product.

    Textured Curly Undercut #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair


    We hope that you have benefited greatly from our gallery of short curly hairstyles for men. Find the look that works best for you and embrace those sexy curls!


    70s Inspired Blunt Fringe

    Extra-short curls involve styles that are cut close to the head. These short curly haircuts are ideal for men who prefer tightly cropped hair an inch long. We also love them as the backdrop for short and long beards.

    Bald fade details, like this cross design, are very trendy. Focus this hair artwork on the nape of the neck, the undercut fade, or at the sides of the temples.

    70s Inspired Blunt Fringe #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhairmen #shortcurlyhair


    Curly Drop Fade

    Accentuate your curls the modern way with a curly drop fade hairstyle. Clean-cut, fade styles give you the perfect way to embody a short cut while maintaining your curls.

    The best way to achieve a curly hair fade is to buzz hair into a bald fade, starting at the midway point on the side of the head. Short bangs complete the look and give you a little more coverage.

    Curly Drop Fade #shortcurlyhairstyles #shorthairmen #shortcurlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstylesformen #shortcurlyhaircuts #curlyshorthair


    Curly Mullet

    The curly mullet is back, though some might say it never left! Give it a modern edge and cut hair short from the forehead to the crown while maintaining curly locks at the back of the head. A short line-up enhances the polished effect most mullets never have.

    The idea behind curly, short hair men styles is maximizing texture in a polished manner, so keep the hair trimmed behind the ears and buzzed at the temples.

    Curly Mullet #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair



    Low Taper Fade

    The low taper fade is a game-changer in the world of short curly hairstyles for men. This versatile haircut combines the sharpness of a taper fade with the natural charm of short curls, creating a stylish and contemporary look. The gradual transition from longer hair on top to a neatly tapered neckline adds a touch of sophistication, while the short curls bring a playful and carefree vibe.

    Low Taper Fade #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair


    Tousled Top + Shorter Sides

    The majority of these looks are cut short, or even buzzed, at the sides of the head. This tousled top with short sides looks lets longer, curly hair flow in a more timeless manner.

    Out of all of the curly haircuts displayed here, this one is the easiest to wear and requires the least amount of upkeep. It’s also customizable; bring your fade down lower or higher, depending on your face shape.

    Tousled Top + Shorter Sides #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair


    Curly Side Fringe

    This curly short hair has tons of height! While it won’t work on long face shape, it’s perfect on balanced, oval ones. Because this texture naturally comes with volume, giving it a curly blowout is easy to do. It makes hair straighter without losing critical texture overall.

    The bigger, the better for this look, but make sure to clean it up on the sides. A bald fade makes for an ideal pairing.

    Curly Side Fringe #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhairmen #shortcurlyhair



    Bleached Curly Top

    Short curly hair men may not spend a ton of time choosing a perfect haircut to show off their coiled curls. All they have to do is to go after one of the men’s haircuts with short sides and a long top. Their exquisite hair texture will do the rest.

    Short Curly Top #curlyhairmen #shortcurlyhairstyles #curlyhairstylesformen


    Short Blonde Curls

    More people than ever before are embracing their natural curls. The look is easy to manage and is gentler on your hair than any chemical straightening technique.

    Again, the high and tight shape is the way to go to avoid a round, bushy look. Cut your hair as close as possible to the top corner of the forehead in a high fade to make your cheekbones pop and reveal your handsome face.

    Short Blonde Curls #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair


    Messy Curly Quiff

    Out of all of our short hairstyles for curly hair, this messy, curly quiff is probably the most involved. All that length means more room to play with, however.

    Create an awesome, precise shape, as seen here, or let the wind blow as it may. This low fade provides more opportunities in terms of styling. For polished quiffs, bring the fade up higher.

    Messy Curly Quiff #shortcurlyhairstylesformen #mensshortcurlyhair #curlyhairmen



    Slicked Back Short Curly Hairstyles

    Men’s slicked back hair will never go out of style. If you want a look that is polished, yet still very debonair, slick back hair is the perfect fit.
    Rub some hair products on your fingers to emulsify it and then apply it evenly through your curly hair. Next, dampen your hair a bit and start to lightly slick it back with your fingers until you achieve the look you desire.

    Slicked Back Short Curly Hairstyles #shortcurlyhaircuts #shortcurlyhairstyles #shortcurlyhair men #shortcurlyhair


    FAQs: Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

    Is curly hair good on guys?

    While curly hair is not easy to maintain, it looks so incredible on men that it worth the effort. Besides, there are plenty of trendy men curly hairstyles to keep your locks on fleek.

    What is the best haircut for curly hair for male?

    The variety of cool haircuts for men with curly hair is endless. The best ones though feature short sides and back as well as a long top, such as a quiff, a short Afro cut, a fringe and many others.

    Is short hair better for curly hair?

    When they cut their locks short wavy hair men, as well as those who have curly tresses, get more control over their unruly kinks. That said, curly short hairstyles are easier to create and maintain compared to long ones.

    What fade is best for curly hair?

    One of the best things about a curly fade is that it works for most hairstyles for short curly hair. Depending on how bold and contrasty you want your hair to look, you can go for either a low shadow fade or a high skin fade to complement your short curly hairstyles.


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