Teen boy haircuts offer as much versatility as the haircuts for adult guys. They come in different styles, lengths, and forms to flatter any hair texture, face shape, and lifestyle. Teenage is arguably the best time to experiment with your hairstyle, as you can go as wild as you want without being frown upon (well, as long as your school statute allows, of course). If you need some assistance with keeping up with the current hairstyle trends, we stacked a broad collection of the best haircuts for teens.


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    Wavy Shag

    Wavy Shag #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    Guys with wavy locks should embrace the natural texture of their hair and go for this dreamy teen boys hair style. All you need to do is to allow your shag to grow a little. Get inspired by this professional work by Qatar barber Ahmet Aslan.

    Styling Tip: For maintaining this wavy shag, work a dime-sized amount of texturizing cream through damp hair. Use your fingers to tousle from roots to ends, adding volume and defining those carefree waves. This style thrives on movement, so avoid heavy products that can weigh it down.


    Side Part Teen Boy Haircuts

    Side Part Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    If you’re looking for the cut to rock during your graduation speech, this is it. Side parted boys’ haircuts still have the air of formality and smartness, so why not make use of it?

    Styling Tip: Achieve this sleek side part by applying a lightweight pomade to damp hair. Comb the hair to the side for a defined line, then brush through for a polished look. The key is to maintain structure without stiffness, allowing for a refined yet youthful appearance.

    Messy Cropped Bang

    Messy Cropped Bang #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    This hairstyle showcases a modern, edgy vibe with its messy, cropped bangs. The top is texturized, offering a dynamic contrast to the neat, tapered sides. It’s a versatile look, perfect for those seeking a bold yet manageable haircut.


    E Boy Haircut

    E Boy Haircut #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    It was inevitable that the great rise in the popularity of the digital world would affect fashion. Thus, a new iconic hairstyle was born. An E Boy haircut features long curtain bangs that frame your face and a center parting. So, if you want to hop on trend, this is your surefire way to go. Glassboxbarbershop barbers comment on their work as follows:

    The cycle of old styles coming back into fashion varies, but it’s generally believed to occur every 20-30 years. This phenomenon is often referred to as the “fashion cycle,” where trends from previous decades are reinterpreted and reintroduced into mainstream fashion.

    Dyed Teen Boy Haircuts 2024

    Dyed Teen Boy Haircuts 2023 #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    Really good haircuts for teenage guys are not only about the shape but the color as well. So, if your kid does not mind doing some dyeing job, he may end up with one of the most popular teen boy haircuts. Remember though that to keep the color fresh and clean, it needs to be properly maintained and retouched regularly.


    Nolan Funk’s High Volume

    Nolan Funk’s High Voume Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageguys


    Sporting a look of effortless cool, this haircut features side-swept locks with generous volume at the top, a nod to the classic pompadour with a teenage twist. It’s a haircut that balances sophistication with a touch of rebellion, ideal for the fashion-forward teen.

    Perfect Tousle

    Perfect Tousle #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    The ‘Perfect Tousle’ achieves its effortless look with chin-length layers that fall naturally.

    Pro Tip: For styling, use a sea salt spray on damp hair, scrunching to build texture. Allow to air dry, giving a nod to that just-off-the-beach vibe that’s equally laid-back and stylish.

    Tousled Quiff Teen Boy Haircuts

    Wispy Dreams Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    The tousled quiff, a creation by New York barber Wes Staucet, strikes a balance between casual and polished. It features a voluminous top with artfully ruffled texture, set off by neatly tapered sides, offering a versatile look that suits various occasions and styles.


    Messy Mullet Teens Hairstyles

    Mullet Teens Hairstyles #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    A young and trendy individual proudly sporting a mullet haircut for teenage boys by award-winning barber and educator Leah Hayden Cassidy, characterized by its short front and sides contrasted with long, flowing hair at the back. This daring teenager hair cuts often reflects a fusion of vintage and contemporary styles, symbolizing a carefree and bold attitude.

    Styling Tip: To style this Messy Mullet, work a flexible-hold gel through the lengths while damp. Then, blow-dry using your fingers to lift the roots and add texture. For added edge, pinch the ends with a little matte clay. It’s low maintenance with an attitude.

    Long Square Layers Hairstyles For Teens

    Long Messy Hairstyles For Teens #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    However, if you are ready to put a bit more effort into the haircut, consider long teenage boy hairstyles. They work for any hair texture, which makes the most popular long hairstyles for teenage guys pretty versatile. The styling itself should not be too difficult, as you may simply dishevel your locks to give them a messy feel and be good to go.

    Faux Hawk With Highlights Teen Haircut

    Faux Hawk With Highlights Teen Haircut #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    This faux hawk cut is the epitome of edgy teenage style, with sharp contrasts created by the fade and the central spike. Subtle highlights add a modern twist, making it a standout choice for teens wanting to make a statement with their hair.


    Taper Fade With Longer Bang

    Taper Fade With Longer Bang #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    A stylish haircut for teen boys, the taper fade with longer bangs seamlessly blends shorter sides and back with slightly longer, textured bangs at the front. This contemporary hairstyle offers a youthful yet polished look, combining the edginess of a fade with the versatility of longer bangs.

    Comb Over

    Comb Over #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    Crafted by the skilled hands of Robert-Jan Rietveld, this comb over is the epitome of classic meets contemporary. For styling, use a fine-toothed comb and a dab of pomade for hold, then sweep the hair back for that clean, timeless appeal. Perfect for any setting, it keeps you looking sharp all day.

    French Crop Teen Boy Haircuts

    French Crop Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    A French crop is one of those cool haircuts that offer you low maintenance along with a stylish appearance. To achieve this gold standard of cropped haircuts for boys, you should have the fringe blunt and the top feathered. On the sides, you’re welcome to go with a high fade for added contrast.


    Curtain Bangs Teenage Hairstyles

    Curtain Bangs Teenager Hairstyles #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    Elevate your hairstyle with cool curtain bangs, a versatile choice that complements various looks and face shapes, adding a touch of effortless charm to your appearance.

    Curly Crew Cut

    Curly Crew Cut #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    The coolest teenage boy haircuts combine ease of maintenance with an edgy appearance, which makes a crew cut one of your best options. Sophisticated and classy, it will never go out of style.

    Styling Tip: For this curly crew cut, embrace natural texture by applying a curl-defining cream to damp hair. Scrunch gently to enhance the curls and let air dry. This low-maintenance approach celebrates the hair’s natural shape, providing a fresh and effortless look with minimal effort.

    Short Spiky Haircut

    Short Spiky Haircut #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    For this short spiky cut by Chris Boos, apply a strong-hold gel to towel-dried hair. Use your fingertips to pull sections up and out for that spiked effect. The key is to move quickly before the gel sets, ensuring each spike stands out for a bold, statement look.


    Jaeden Martell’s Loose And Combed Back

    Loose and Combed Back #teenboyhaircuts #teenhaircuts #haircutsforteenageboys

    Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

    Haircuts for teen boys can retain the refined aesthetic of their adult counterparts, yet they make it with a much effortless and relaxed feel. Thus, you can style your hair combed back while leaving the strands on top loose.

    Austin Butler’s High Volume Haircut

    High Volume Haircut #teenboyhaircuts #teenhaircuts #Haircutsforteenageboys


    If you naturally have thin locks, then a voluminous teen hairdo is your way to go. To get the look, simply blow dry your hair with a blob of hair mousse and a hair dryer and you are good to go.

    Quiff Teen Boy Haircuts

    Quiff Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    The quiff hairstyle is great at accentuating both short and medium boy hairstyles. By styling it differently, you can get a whole new look. Push it up if you want to appear not only trendy but taller as well.


    Tom Holland’s Buzz Cut

    Buzz Cut Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenhaircuts #haircutsforteenageboys


    A buzz cut is one of those teen boys haircuts that while being low maintenance, have plenty of impact. Moreover, it makes you look more masculine and mature.

    Crew Cut Teen Boy Haircuts

    Crew Cut Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    Here’s an awesome way to combine two extremely opposite teen boy haircut. An elegant crew cut with a bold texture on top makes up a perfect saucy and mod combination.

    Skater Haircut

    Skater Haircut #teenboyhaircuts #teenhaircuts #skaterhaircut

    A skater boy haircut has an effortless and breezy feel, which makes it so attractive.  You can wear a skater boy hair look just for the sake of it. To pull off skater hair, you need to get a mid length cut accompanied by bangs. Style it a little messy, sweeping the bangs to the sides so that they do not obstruct the view.


    Messy Modern Teenage Guy Haircut

    Messy Modern Teenage Guy Haircut #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    No matter of the cut, you can make your hair look stylish and cool by simply tousling it with your hand. A young mens haircuts is a real savior for those lads who prefer giving themselves extra five minutes of sleep in the morning rather than grooming the locks.

    Garrett Ryan’s Curly Top Teen Boy Haircuts

    Garrett Ryan’s Curly Top Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageguys

    DFree /Shutterstock

    Curly young haircuts for men are highly versatile, as they work for any hair type. Although a wavy or curly top is a bit heavier, it’s as fancy as a straight one. Moreover, the texture makes it more defined, so keep the sides simple and clean, like a Garret Ryan.

    Spiky Texture With Shorter Sides

    Spiky Texture With Shorter Sides #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    Spikes are by all means one of the best hair cuts for boys. They give you that devil-may-care look, which illustrates teenagers perfectly, especially when paired with a short or fade haircut on the sides.


    Mid Length Layered Cut

    Mid Length Layered Cut #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    The mid-length layered cut is a versatile style that plays with texture and movement. For a lived-in look, apply a lightweight mousse to damp hair, scrunching to define the layers, then let it air dry. This technique enhances the natural body for an easy, stylish look that moves with you.

    Teenager Haircut With Bangs

    Wet Bangs #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    Teen boy haircut with bangs have reemerged as a fashion trend and this time, aren’t going to disappear that easily. You can go somewhere in the middle by brushing your bangs forward so that they hang over the forehead and raking through them with the fingers covered in a styling product, like wax or pomade.

    Tousled & Textured Young Men Haircuts

    Spiky & Textured Young Men Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    Tousled boys hair styles are always a great option for those guys who gravitate to styling their hair on the go. Get your top cut in uneven layers and push its front section up at the forehead. On the sides, you can employ a mid skin fade.


    Disconnected Undercut Teenage Hairstyles

    Disconnected Undercut Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageguys

    Striving for a bold and edgy teenage boy haircut? Then it is hard to think of a better option than a disconnected undercut.

    Shoulder Length Waves

    Shoulder Length Waves #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    Charles Gray’s take on shoulder length waves is a testament to timeless style. To achieve this relaxed look, lightly mist hair with a flexible hold spray and let the waves fall naturally. It’s an easygoing style that exudes confidence without the need for constant upkeep.

    Undercut Long Bang For Teenage Guys

    Undercut Long Bang For Teenage Guys #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    Undercut boys hairstyles, thanks to a striking contrast they create, keep everyone’s eyes glued to your locks. The faded undercut disconnects the top from the sides making the look even bolder.


    Asa Butterfield’s Mid Length Haircut

    Asa Butterfield’s Mid Length Haircut #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageguys


    Even though dreamy and romantic teen boy haircuts aren’t as popular as ruffian ones, they still have their followers. Boys long haircuts look most attractive wavy and windswept, so don’t skimp on styling like Asa Butterfield.

    Curly Mullet Inspired

    Curly Mullet Inspired #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #boyshaircuts #guyshaircuts


    This cut combines vintage flair with modern style. To maintain these curls, work in a curl-enhancing cream while hair is damp to define and control frizz. The key is to keep the product light to retain the hair’s natural bounce and shape.

    French Crop With High Fade Teens Haircuts

    French Crop With High Fade Teens Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    As the focal point of a French crop is the hair on top, you can accentuate it even more by complementing it with a fade on the sides and back. In case you do not want to make it overly sharp and bold, then opt for a low shadow fade. If, on the contrary, you want to get an edgy and contrasty look, go for a high bald fade instead.


    Pompadour Hairstyles For Teenage Guys

    Pompadour Fade Hairstyles For Teenage Guys #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    A pompadour is a classic hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. When choosing it, you can rest assured that your look will radiate elegant and smart vibes no matter what outfit you are going to wear. To give this timeless hairstyle a modern twist, pair it with a fade cut on the back and sides.

    Low Bald Fade Young Mens Hairstyles

    Low Bald Fade Young Mens Hairstyles #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    Fades are very popular teen haircuts and not for nothing. They give you a clean look and take the hair on top to the center stage.

    Dylan Schmid’s Side Swept Waves

    Dylan Schmid's Side Swept Waves #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageguys

    Ga Fullner/Shutterstock

    Guys who have wavy or curly locks aka Dylan Schmid should pay special attention to this hair look. Being pretty easy to style and maintain, this wave effortlessly shifts the focus to your textured hair up top. Additionally, you can enhance your curl pattern by applying a texturizing hairspray or mousse to the top.


    Asymmetrical Spiky Teen Boy Haircuts

    Asymmetrical Spiky Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    Although asymmetrical hairstyles are not among the easiest hairstyles for teen boys, they are worth the effort. Besides, you can play around with them as much as you like. These layers are spiky and thick, but there are loads of teens hair styles to choose from.

    The High And Tight Teen Boy Haircuts

    The High And Tight #teenboyhaircuts #teenhaircuts #haircutsforteenageboys


    Although a high and tight haircut originates from the US army, it is now hugely popular far beyond the pale of it. This clean-cut wash-and-go style requires zero to low maintenance and styling, which makes it a perfect option for school or college.

    Straight Fringe Teen Boy Haircuts

    Straight Fringe Teen Boy Haircuts #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    Did you know that a straight fringe can also look cool and fashionable? It is all in the styling and your attitude. When drying your hair, simply apply a bit of a hair styling pomade or wax to the front section of your hair. This will give it a little bit of separation as well as make it look more pronounced and stylish.


    Long Wavy Hair

    Long Wavy Hair #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    Not every guy will be able to pull off a teen boy long haircuts. It will require some effort and time on your part to style the hair and maintain it. However, all your exertions will fully pay off with a skyrocketed level of popularity and admiring gazes of your classmates.

    Asher Angel’s Layers

    Asher Angel’s Party In The Front #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageguys


    If you have naturally thick hair like Asher Angel and want to thin it out a little while giving a trendy appearance, go for a layered cut with a textured front. One of the best things about it is that the styling will not take you much time in the morning.

    Taylor Lautner’s Short Spikes

    Taylor Lautner’s Short Spikes #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageguys

    Photo Works/Shutterstock

    Taylor Lautner knows a lot about spikes. Unlike little boy haircuts this hairstyle is a popular alternative to the porcupine spikes of old. This almost wind-blown look creates soft yet spikey strands that are great for guys with straight hair; all they need to maintain this style properly. Mousse!


    Avan Jogia’s Long Waves

    Avan Jogia’s Long Waves #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageguys

    Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

    For a sleek Avan Jogia-inspired long hairstyle, prioritize cleanliness and hair health. Long hair demands regular care to prevent noticeable issues like frizz or flyaways, which are more conspicuous than in short styles where imperfections can blend in with daily styling changes.

    Low Maintenance Teenage Guy Haircut

    Low Maintenance Teenage Guy Haircut #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    Of course, teenage guys do not want to be bothered with the exhausting maintenance of their haircuts. As such, it is a good idea to get one of the easy hair cuts for teens that are simple to maintain. A short sides long top is a classic option that you can never go wrong with.

    Low Taper Medium Hair Teens

    Low Taper Medium Hair Teens #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    A low taper is an extremely trendy medium length teenage guy haircut. It keeps the sides quite neat while drawing attention to the hair on top. So, feel free to style it in whatever way you like, from a polished comb over and a classic pomp to a bold fringe and a daring faux hawk.


    Middle Part Teen Boy Hairstyles

    Middle Part Teen Boy Hairstyles #teenboyhaircuts #teenshaircuts #haircutsforteenageboy


    A middle parting remains among the most fashionable haircuts for teenage guys. It can be incorporated into any hairstyle in quite a lot of ways. For a more refined and elegant appearance, make sure the parting is sharp and perfectly straight. In case you can have a more relaxed hair look, go for a natural middle part.

    Wolf Cut Hair Styles For Teens

    Wolf Cut Hair Styles For Teens #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys


    A wolf cut is a trendy teens hair cuts characterized by its voluminous, layered look reminiscent of a wolf’s fur. Popular among teenagers, it features shorter layers at the top that gradually transition into longer layers at the bottom. This style offers a fashionable and edgy appearance for teen boys seeking a unique and textured haircut.

    Medium Long Hairstyles For Teenage Guys

    Medium Long Hairstyles For Teenage Guys #teenboyhaircuts #teenshairstyles #haircutsforteenboys

    Discover trendy good haircuts for teens that strike the perfect balance between style and manageability. Whether you’re aiming for a relaxed surfer look or a suave layered cut, these hairstyles offer versatility and youthful charm.

    Teen boy haircuts are always cool and creative, as at this age, every change of the style is welcome. Besides the look, the cut should offer low maintenance and high versatility so that you could easily transform it into another style once you need it. With our collection of the best cuts for teen boys, we expect you to keep your hair in pace with fashion.


    FAQs: Teen Boy Haircuts

    How should a teenage boy style his hair?

    There are no limits when it comes to teen hairstyles, except for the school dress code. So, unless it is forbidden, a teen boy can style his hair as daring and bold as he likes.

    What hairstyles do teenage guys like?

    Among the most popular hairstyles for teen boys are all kinds of fades, tapers, spikes as well as polished and refined hair looks.

    What haircut should I get guy?

    When choosing the best teenages hairstyles, you should take into account such factors as your face shape, hair type and personal style. Thus, your haircut should flatter your facial features and disguise any potential flaws.

    What haircut should I ask for?

    Ask the barber for a teenage boy haircut that suits the shape of your face and the type of your hair. Also, make sure to find out any tips they can give you on how to maintain and style the cut between the appointments.